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Re: <nettime> FW: [mt] Riot organisers prepare cyber war.

Grugnog wrote:
>August 15 1999       Sunday Times
> Riot organisers prepare to launch cyber war on City
>    Jonathan Ungoed-Thomas and Maeve Sheehan
> ACTIVISTS who organised the City riot have been
> trained in hacking techniques to attack the computer
> networks of banks and financial institutions, an
> investigation  has revealed.

This may be of interest, relating to the above (from NTKnow):

>         It's always nice when someone decides to join the Anarchist
>         Internet Conspiracy. Imagine, then, the interest at the UK's
>         Earth First! Action Update when Jo, a "committed
>         environmental and anti-corporation activist", e-mailed to
>         ask how she could get involved in future campaigns like J18,
>         which she "really enjoyed". Particularly intriguing was the
>         Hotmail address that "Jo" sent her request from: "Jonathan
>         Ungoed-Thomas" <>. Could Jo be somehow
>         related to JONATHAN UNGOED-THOMAS of the Sunday Times, whose
>         recent work has included a searing expose on how "J18
>         activists" have become "cyber-terrorists", "trained in
>         hacking techniques to attack the computer networks of banks
>         and financial institutions"? Amazing that a journalist so
>         well-versed in infowar didn't realise that creating a fake
>         hotmail account involves putting a false name in the sign-up
>         form. Still, he is learning. Previous Ungoed-Thomas pleas
>         have come from "Laura", who contacted eco-advocate George
>         Monbiot offering her assistance as a "committed
>         anti-corporatist". That time, the canny Laura e-mailed her
>         kind offer directly from Jon's Sunday Times work e-mail:
> Jonathan - get out
>         of the building! Those cyber-terrorists are IN THE ROOM WITH YOU!
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>     - sneaky double agent "Laura" poses as journo from Sunday Times!
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