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<nettime> [ot t t t t t] trnzfr ++

  -> http://www.m9ndfukc.org/data/zttz

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I'm a little concerned, because I have no trouble reading this at all...8-)

"hou l ttl humanz aktuall! hear when dze! l!ztn 2 speech
humanz real!ze when at 1 theatre or f!lm !n 1 language wh!ch humanz
arnt fam!l!ar w!th - at d!sz t!me what trblz humanz != dzat dze! kannot
undrztand what dze aktorz = uttr!ng ; abr dzat humanz kannot hear dze
aktorz' verdz. zplend!d  <=>"

This reads: "How little people actually hear when they listen to speech.
People realize, when at a theatre or film in a language which people aren't
familiar with--at this time, what troubles people is that they cannot
understand what the actors are uttering; and that people cannot hear the
actors' words.  Splendid!"

I agree completely.  I've stopped watching movies in theatres because I
spend all my time asking my neighbors, "what did he say?  what?
what?"--easier to stay home and hit the re-play button 8-(.

"!lab!al kl!kz
t!p ov dze tongue aga!nzt dze bak ov dze alveolar r!dge ||
front ov dze hard palat.
t!p ov dze tongue = zubzekuentl! kurvd upuardz + backverdz

azp!ratd t + d sch++


this reads: "labial clicks
tip of the tongue against the back of the alveolar ridge:
front of the hard palate.
tip of the tongue subsequently curved upwards and backwards

aspirated t and d and sh.


Yes, one of these people has a very Russianish name and the style of the
text is decidedly early-part-of-the-century Russian sound poetry, or "zaum."
The websites listed on there are extremely fun, with the most beautiful
graphics I've seen online so far.  It's very international--with names that
are English, German, Scandinavian, Japanese, Russian, etc. etc.  Some things
about visual music and multi-media techniques, etc.  Some of the people out
of UCSD. I loved it.

I find this much easier and more fun to read than IPA, which is why I don't
teach dialiects--or teach IPA to my voice students 8-).

Lissa Tyler Renaud

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From: Anne Armentrout

>You are a patient soul, Sir.  I, however, am not.  Nothing that I or anyone
>else has deciphered from Integer has seemed worth the effort.  What in the
>hell is he trying to prove?  I am open to speculation, if anyone wants to
>bother, since I don't expect a straight -- as in, plain old boring
>conventional English -- answer from the creator himself?  It may all be a
>magnificent performance, but it seems to me to be one in which the artist
>cuts himself off from the audience.  Or am I just too stoopeed, too
>provincial, too unpost-modern, and too undeconstructed to appreciate the

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