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<nettime> CD: Luther Blissett Tribute

A collaborative project - details below!

"At the beginning, the matter was not to be 'I' or 'myself' anymore, to
become a 'whoever' singularity, and then turn to a multitude of 'whoever'
singularities that would choose this impersonal name, 'Luther Blissett'. 
When Luther would say 'I' or 'myself', s/he was actually telling us about
his/her *numberless* selves. 
Now that Luther says 'I am not me anymore', s/he's referring to the fact
that all those selves are no longer... themselves. You may keep calling
them 'Luther Blissett', but they are no longer the same Blissett as they
were, and if they turn around when you call them, that's just because your
voice is music." 
(A sentence uttered by Luther Blissett at a celebration party organized by

	*  *   *

At the beginning of 2000, some of the informal groups historically involved
in the Luther Blissett Project - especially active in Bologna and Rome,
Italy - will celebrate the expiry of their direct involvement (which was an
old-fashioned Five Year Plan), stop adopting the name and leave other
people with the task of taking the myth higher. Subversion continues, and
Blissett too, without all that dago ballast. 
This will be remembered (at least by us) as "The Big Seppuku". The future's
so bright that we've got to wear shades. Details will follow.    

In order to celebrate this handover (from anyone to whosoever), Dutch
record label WOT4 will release a CD by Luther Blissett the open pop star
Luther Blissett.
The "open pop star" is none other that the community of bands, musicians
and djs willing to participate and send us one or more tracks. Rather than
a compilation, it's going to be the output of one eclectic, multi-styled
and multi-headed performer.

We call on all bands and composers whose discourse and praxis are similar
or close to Blissett's: send us tracks! 
We also invite all multiple name bearers and fifth columns of the Project
to forward this message to people who may be interested.
We put our trust in our network's collective intelligence.

1) Technical details

The deadline is October 10th - media and formats: send DAT or CD by snail
mail,  or MP3 files via e-mail. Good quality required.
The album will have absolutely NO COPYRIGHT, collaborations are no profit.
The CD will be signed Luther Blissett. Bands and single performers shall
not be credited as authors of the tracks; rather, they'll be mentioned as
"guest stars" in the acknowledgements list. An example [we'll pick up a
band at random, one we'd like to abduct for the project] : "I wish to thank
Nocturnal Emissions for their kind participation to [track title]" etc. etc.  
 To sum up, bands are exhorted to become Luther Blissett for the duration
of a track. Tracks shouldn't be longer than 4 minutes.

2) "Artistic" details (Aaaaarrrgh!)

Luther Blissett is an eclectic composer. That's his/her music ranges from
drum'n'noise to symphonies, from jazz to Oi!, not only from one track to
the next, but also (if you like) within the single track. We'd like a
plenty of different styles, to release a rich and dense product.
If possible, throw interesting voice samples into your track(s), no matter
the language. Some of the tracks will include samples from Mario Schifano,
Piero Cannata and Stewart Home, excerpts from radio broadcasts, ramblings
against Identity, etc. However, this is just a suggestion - all-musical
tracks and songs will be heartily accepted.
The track list will be decided by the editors. 

3) Collaterals and packaging

The CD will also contain ROM tracks, and will be accompanied by a booklet -
thus, it is possible to send short writings and multimedia stuff (e.g.
video files, icons, net-art...).

For more info, contacts, etc.:,

DAT tapes and/or CDs must be sent (by October 10th) to:

Roman Psychogeographical Association
c/o Vazquez
Via del Pellegrino 96
00186, Roma
last update: August 1999
The (in)Complete Archives (mostly Italian, for the time being)

...It means only that Luther Blissett is an open star with no limits, who
can be in a number of places at the same time. Better than Santa Claus
because Santa Clauses are the same. They look the same, they do the same
things. I never met a Santa Claus with no beard, no red uniform. Red
Santa's existence is subject to a short period of time and h appiness. Who
cares about Santa Claus after Christmas ? And does Santa try to rupture the
endless sameness of life? 
I'm not anti-Santa. I am Luther Blissett. I have this firm belief that
anyone can become and be Luther Blissett. Each of us has to discover that
Luther Blissett self in an individual, proper way. You have to find your
individual Luther Blissett potential. 

Luther Blissett, *The Rosicrucian Book* 1984 

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