Stefaan Van Ryssen on Tue, 3 Feb 1998 23:48:15 +0100 (MET)

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>rants - 25% increase
>12.8% more manifestos
>a full 50% more fiction
>software reviews - 23.8% increase
>nasty weird shit - 100%

Fokky went off with Val=E9ry Grancher to Columbia (country, not district)
after Pit eloped
after Geert came back from eloping
after JP Barlow told his stories of not being able to elope
after Patrice thought it was better to elope ethically but not to elope
politically and telling all the others not to tell all the others to tell
what to do or not
after this whole list hasn't been anything but noise for months.
Fokky and Val=E9ry met during the Mr.Net.Art jury chat sessions while Val=E9=
disguised as Valerie
while Diana met Alexei during the candidates chat sessions where
Olia disguised as Olio.

Who needs soap if we've got net art critics and no net art...

we had a Ghent theatre group some years ago: it was called "De Sluipende

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