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1...Micz Flor......................CRASH MEDIA
                                   call for contributions
3...Laura Turney...................CFP: Globalization and Marginality
4...Y. le Grand....................Public/Private
5...Paul Garrin....................pgMedia/Name.Space Comments
                                   on DoC DNS Proposal andere film.................AS/Andere Sinema
7...Laura McGough..................MASSAGE


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Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 10:26:47 +0100
From: micz flor <>
Subject: CRASH MEDIA - call for contributions


                     CRASH MEDIA

         Where Media Reaches its Critical Mass
                call for contributions


        CCTV Performances - Virtual Agora-phobia
          Hustling: the New Morality - Mini-FM
      Alternate World Syndrome - Paste-modern Art
         Smart World? - Off the Back of a Lorry
      Bedroom DJs - Control Button Kills Control
       Sticker Culture - All the TV You Can Eat
   Rude Economy - 3rd Generation Hackers - DIY Media
  Open Stage - love@cybersaloons.blag? - Net Freebies
    Jakarta Triangle - The Hamster Breeder's Club
     Multiple Parent Benefit - Mysteries in the WWW
    Public Access - Remote Access - Amateur Theatre
The Virtual Class - Medium Roast - The Fan-zine Provision
 Broadcast/ Narrowcast/ Webcast - Council Flatliners



Crash Media's first print issue will be released in the
middle of March. The list of articles above is poor fiction
and could be easily improved with your help. We are looking
for contributions in the form of text (opinionated
journalism, realism, spielism, fiction, scribblism), visual
material (faxed, scanned and finger-painted, posted and
pixellated, draw'n'dropped), cartoons, tricks, tips and DIY
handbooks. We are looking for the ten commandments of
communication war, the tip of the manifesto iceberg, the
unwell and unfair state, wormholes in the new economy,
sound systems for virtual communities, street scouting, and
media travellers.

Deadline for all material is the 20th February '98. We
favour text within the 500 to 800 word limit - and we envy
the capacity to make a strong point with 200 words! Scans
should be 300dpi and stuffed, send as attachments (MAC or
PC) - stamp-based mail is just as good. Currently we are
not able to pay contributors. Every contributor will
receive ten copies of Crash Media.


Crash Media is for free and will be released bi-monthly as
of the middle of March. Printed on tabloid paper, each
issue will have a print run of 10.000. Crash Media is based
in Salford and London (UK). The first issue will consist of
8 or 12 pages, the following issues according to amount and
quality of contributions. Crash Media will be distributed
intensively in the North West of England and London, and
selectively world-wide. We are also open to any suggestions
for worthwhile locations.

Crash Media is a joint venture, defining the agenda of the
'Revolting' media lab in Manchester/ Salford UK in Aug/Sep,
and extending the voice of 'Skyscraper Digital Publishing'.
('Revolting' temp URL:

Crash Media will be extended through a digital forum.
Threads generated in Crash Media on-line will be
selectively reprinted in the next issue. The public access
server in Manchester/ Salford will be set up over the next
few weeks and will host Crash Media - URL will follow
shortly, any domain name suggestions welcomed.


Micz Flor       (
Josephine Berry (

Crash Media
c/o Micz Flor
Department of Design
Centenary Building
Peru Street
UK-Salford M3 6EQ

fax: +44.171.6134052

Micz Flor (

[t/f]+44.171.7395331 [t]+44.161.2956157 [a]
[b] [c]
[q]"There is no administrative production of meaning."


Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 20:13:13 +0100
To: fokky <>
From: (by way of Pit Schultz <>)
Subject: typograpunx/Ee
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Status: RO

issue Ee of typograpunx is ready for consumption!

get your copy today…for $1 or some stamps or a trade. it's up to you.

more info:


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Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 11:16:49 BST
From: Laura Turney <>
To: spoon-announcements@jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU
Subject: SPOON-ANN: CfP: "Globalization and Marginality"
Precedence: bulk
Reply-To: Laura Turney <>
Status: O

                                     International Conference

                           cgem & the manchester international
                                     centre for labour studies
                                   globalisation & marginality:
                                work & identity in new europe
                                          26-27 june 1998

                                            call for papers:

the various transformations associated with globalisation have helped to
undermine the conventional idea of the nation state in which political cultural
and economic boundaries tend to coincide. in the era of nation states the
and the role of the worker citizen and member of the nation closely overlapped.
the effect of globalisation has been to disaggregate this vital trinity.
the aim of this
conference is to bring together a variety of disciplinary insights into the new
identities and roles triggered by globalisation.

the conference will focus on 3 main themes:

political formations

proposals are invited for papers

to obtain forms for the submission of abstracts please contact: or check our web page

coupland II
the university of manchester
oxford road
m13 9pl
tel: +44 (0) 161 275 2516/7852/2461
fax: +44 (0) 161 275 2462

laura turney
centre for the study of
globalisation, eurocentrism
& marginality (cgem)
department of sociology
university of manchester
manchester uk
m13 9pl
tel: 44 0161 275 7852
fax: 44 0161 275 2462


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Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 08:58:39 +0200
From: "Y. le Grand" <>


Wednesday January 28th 1998 tup until Sunday Febuary 1st 1998, from 15.00 -
18.00 hrs  LIVE webcast.

A web project by Yvonne le Grand

I hope this still fits the list of today.

Now was once the future.


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Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 06:20:08 -0500
From: (
Subject: pgMedia/Name.Space Comments on DoC DNS Proposal
Message-ID: <>

PgMedia, Inc./Name.Space comments on the proposal released
on Friday, Jan. 30, 1998 by the US Department of Commerce
on the "privatization" of nameservice on the internet.

The working paper is up at the Department of Commerce site:

Although on the face of it, the DoC proposal on the "privatization" of the
internet namespace states that the US Government does not seek to regulate
the internet, the content of the proposal, if enacted as is, amounts to
regulation, "intentionally" or not.

Should any company that has invested in the development of its registry be
excluded from the marketplace by the implementation of the DoC proposal, it
would effectively be regulated or legislated out of business.  Name.Space
was indeed the first to have a fully functional registry, the first to
automate and innovate the process of naming and registration, and
Name.Space was in existance well before the IAHC or the DoC's working
group, functioning in an otherwise
_unregulated market_.  Other companies as well have invested in their own
right to have a stake in the marketplace, and they are now at risk, as well
as the users of the internet namespace who will be deprived their freedom
of speech through a Government-imposed limitation of the Global Internet
Namespace, and
held hostage to a cartel destined to fix prices in line with NSI's monopoly

The DoC proposal confronts us with the issues that are currently before the
Federal Court, SDNY, in reference to pgMedia, Inc, d/b/a Name.Space vs.
NSI/NSF, which seeks precisely to determine, as a matter of law, whether
the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government has any such authority,
jurisdiction or power, to
determine the contents of the internet domain namespace, and even if it
does, then whether the exercise of that power limits free speech.
(   2nd amended complaint).

PGMedia, Inc./Name.Space fully intends to persue the relief sought in its
action against NSI/NSF and will use all available means to achieve that goal.
The DoC proposal on its face is essentially flawed and displays either the
lack of a true understanding of the evolving nameservice market, or an
move, jumping headlong on a course of openly legislating an increase in its
own jurisdiction, an appropriation of unconstitutionally collected "tax"
(the 30% infrastructure fund as set forth in the Cooperative Agreement with
NSI), the even more patently unconstitutional grant of a "public" resource
to a private entity it creates (under the control of vested
non-governmental companies and individuals), and as if to fully ice the
unholy cake it has baked, the attempt to create five more monopolies to
simply aggravate the very root of the problem which prompted DOC's
involvement in the first place - dissatisfaction with NSI's monopoly.  Are
we to accept a rule whereby the President can, without authorization from
Congress, dispossess a previously divested  US Government resource and
create a new private company to establish extra-governmental regulation of
a previously unregulated industry?

Many of the issues raised in the DoC proposal related to innovation,
zone sharing of toplevel namespaces, freedom of expression, consumer
choice, diversity, and value-added services, are already in practice by the
Name.Space registry system which has been in service for a year and a half.
Others have
made their contributions as well.  Legislating the pioneers and entrepeneurs
out of business to protect the "stablilty" of the (net)(income of NSI/SAIC,
and other vested non-governmental companies and individuals) is apparently
the goal of the proposal.  In a slick chameleon game of smoke and mirrors,
passing the elusive spectre of authority from one agency to another, keeping
the same players but continually assigning them new names, the chain of
command remains unclear, so they would like you to IANA, tried
18 months ago to arrogate authority and was overrun with revolt---it
morphed into IAHC who, along with an acronym soup of other
quasi-governmental organizations who _approved their own authority_ and
_approved their own_ Memorandum of Understanding_ (MoU)---then morphed
again into iPOC and CORE and POC...all the
_same_folks_with_the_same_agenda_, with fresh new identities
assumed nearly every quarter to keep the public confused and detatched from
the issues....only to be sacked by the DoC, with perhaps a behind the
scenes constellation prize---then give it all "back" to IANA, this time
with a new name that we don't know yet....until their next spin-document is
sprayed out in anthrax-like fine aerosol mist into the ether of the media
and the net,
silently closing in to be inhaled inconspicuously as all eyes are on the
bombs falling on Iraq....

Meanwhile, NSI keeps its lucrative monopoly and the NSA keeps a close watch
on NSI's client database--the who's who of millions of domain name holders.
Not so far from giving the feds a back door to your crypto keys...That's next.

Since Name.Space has actually been operating its registry on a
constant basis for one and one half years, it has gained a
wealth of data and valuable experience on the desires of users
and their understanding and acceptance of the expansion of the
internet namespace.  This is evidenced by the search query logs,
toplevel name requests, and actual registrations, and the use
of virtual hosts that respond to a diversity of names which users
all over the world have registered with our service.  This data
is publicly available and should serve as a model for the direction
that independent providers can take on their own, without US Government
intervention, to ensure privacy, free speech, and to deliver services
that benefit the end users of the internet on a global basis.

PGMedia, Inc./Name.Space is committed to breaking up NSI's monopoly and
upholding the First Amendment by keeping the Government out
of the business of running the internet, and working with others to establish
a fair structure for Self Governance of the Global Internet Namespace as
set forth in its policy draft at

The DoC proposal will definitely stifle growth and innovation of the internet,
and is a clear violation of the First Amendment to the US Constitution in
that it limits Free Speech in the internet namespace.  If it slips by,
don't say
you didn't know!


Paul Garrin
CEO pgMedia, Inc./Name.Space

      NAME.SPACE is a signatory of the People's Communication Charter,

      NAME.SPACE represents an open, shared toplevel namespace on the
      GLOBAL.INTERNET with non-exclusive toplevel names to be managed
      through responsible practice and self-governance of registries
      and server operators.

      NAME.SPACE Petition to the US Dept. of Commerce
      Signatories of the Petition:

      NAME.SPACE/pgMedia, Inc. Statement to Subcommittee on
      Basic Research, Committee on Science U.S. House of Representatives
      September 30, 1997 Hearing Regarding Internet Domain Names

      INTERNET DOMAIN NAMES Privatization, Competition, and Freedom of
      by Professor Milton Mueller, published by the CATO Institute

      NAME.SPACE seeks GLOBAL RECOGNNITION of it's namespace through
      a Federal Antitrust Action against Network Solutions, Inc. and
      the National Science Foundation, currently before the US Federal
      Court, Souther District New York.

      (to limit domain name expansion to only 7 gtld's and move the
      governance to Geneva.


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From: de andere film <>
Subject: AS - Andere Sinema

Some news on AS - Andere Sinema, a bi-monthly publication on media politics.

In the Feb. issue:

-'Canvas is Canvas is Canvas: A Frame-Up': Gojim 5.1 - Bureau for Identity
Research on Flemish Television's second channel and its
cultural-educational ambitions.

-'Television is not art!: A Conversation with Regine Clauwaert': Former
BRTN-programming director Regine Cauwaert was recently promoted to
production manager at Canvas. We asked her about the goals and aspirations
of a channel that wants to bring culture to the masses.

-'Dionysus and Riot Girls: A Conversation with Rosi Braidotti on the Future
of Post-Feminism': Post-feminism and its many hangups post postergirl
feminists like Naomi Wolf and Camille Paglia.

-'Loplop/re/presents: the im/pulse to see': Edwin Carels on his Max Ernst
project: an exploration of phenomenological relations between viewer and
object as filtered through surrealist identity games and the Quay Brothers'
prankster aesthetics.

-'Game Over for Pitfall Harry': Tom Paulus on videogame mania as nostalhia
for an eighties' lifestyle product that is still filling the shelves. Where
Pitfall Harry first learns that the game is fixed...

-'Leave Your Message after the Beep: On the Right to Stupidity, the Art of
=46orgetting and the Bolero 1000: Marc Holthof's epistemology of the
answering machine, or why Heidegger couldn't put the Nazis on hold...

-'Taking Shape: Morphing and the Discovery of the Self': Scott Bukatman
discusses the liberatory potential of morphing technology and its
reactionary use in ethnic and gender stereotype-ridden fare like The Mask
and Michael Jackson's Black or White.

-'The Future is Unmanly': Sofie R=E9del=E9 on Sadie Plant and the
(cyber-)feminist take on scientific production values.

-'Phantom PMS: The End of the Millennium': Dieter Roelstraete on millenary
madness and commercialism. Who will hold the best seats to the end of the

AS are Herman Asselberghs, Edwin Carels, Maarten Delbeke, Stefan Franck,
Marc Holthof, Dieter Lesage, Jeroen Olyslaegers, Tom Paulus, Pieter Van
Bogaert and Koen Van Daele.

You can subscribe to AS by depositing 700,-Bfr. or fl.45 on ABN bank
account nr. 526382120, or gironummer ABN Roosendaal 1109000.

De andere Film v.z.w.
Rotterdamstraat 82
B-2060 Antwerpen
0032-3-234.16.40 (vox)
0032-3-226.27.64 (fax) (e-mail)


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Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 10:03:06 -0400
From: (Laura McGough)
Subject: MASSAGE

You are cordially invited you to stop by MASSAGE <>
for a stimulating little rubdown on contemporary media, art and culture.

MASSAGE is a quarterly Web journal designed to aid in the circulation of
ideas, critical discourse and discussion.

Volume One of  MASSAGE includes articles by Keith Roberson, Beverly Ress
and Stacy Pershall.  Art Jones' media-inspired musing "goal" is featured in
The Project Room -- a space devoted to works-in-progress and artist

MASSAGE is also pleased to publish in its entirety   "Attention!
Production! Audience! Performing Video in its First Decade, 1968-1980" by
Chris Hill . This essay was originally written as a curatorial introduction
to   "Surveying the First Decade: Video Art and Alternative Media in the
U.S. (1968-1980)", a definitive 17 hour  survey curated by Hill for The
Video DataBank. In  "Attention! Production! Audience!" Hill offers a
historical  overview  of the formative years of video art /alternative
media. The essay also includes excerpts from interviews with  pioneering
media practioners including Tony Conrad, Woody Vasulka, Philip Mallory
Jones and Perry Teasdale.

MASSAGE is published by NOMADS, an arts organization dedicated to
developing global pathways, real or virtual, connecting artists,
institutions and audiences

For more information contact Laura McGough and Marion Ware at


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