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<nettime> Re: nettime moderation

in response to:

>It would be more interesting and lively to hear (briefly) from many more 
>voices than we do now. And it is a relief to think that we don't have to write
>heavy duty multipage papers in order to pipe up.

i found it very amusing to read the open invite to write *weird* stuff for 
nettime. in a way the lack of weirdness and the comparison of bookshelves 
(as matt described) was (or is) one of the features nettime gradually developed
(some might want to use 'emerge') 'and got widely appreciated for. the 
printout (sic!) of nettime postings was always the essential sunday afternoon 
read - and enough people thought it was weird already! i am surprised to 
see the attempt to change the direction of the list - instead of just 
assuming that there are other lists out there to supply the *weird* stuff 
for the ones who want it.

i wonder to what extent it helps the list to introduce ratios for certain 
topics, as they can be found at the BBC or the Oeffentlich Rechtliche 
Fernsehanstalten in germany. (i know: this was meant to be a joke). i am 
not proposing that mailinglists should work similarly to higly segregated 
media channels, as they can be found in the print sector (as well as 
cable TV - who would have dreamt up a weather channel in the 80s?). 
because, if that was the case, mailinglist should not define themselves 
in the dichotomy of moderated vs open, they would have to change to job 
descriptions for *editors* instead of *hosts* - which, of course, creates 
a completely different media environment.

in other words: do the subscribers perceive nettime to be a journal, which 
they want to deliver a well balanced diet of high-brow and low-fi, of 
wacky and witty; or is nettime just one of many specialised channels? the 
first suggestion reminds me of lettre magazine, the second of commercial 
cable TV - i.e. both can be fun, but where do we stand?

if one makes use of other channels already delivering the 'stuff' matt is 
hoping for (and i understand why he thinks so), nettime could continue 
doing what it's doing best. however, that would not take the burden away 
from having 'to write heavy duty multipage papers in order to pipe up' ;)

all piped up - and nowhere to go,

Micz Flor (micz@metamute.com)

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