Pit Schultz on Mon, 17 Feb 97 11:37 MET

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nettime: let's switch to news with the name.space thread

Dear nettimers,
in order to not flood your mboxes, please use
your favorite news-reader and switch to 


if you want to follow or participate the name.space thread
and read/post comments and questions. The maillist channel becomes just to
narrow these days for this big thread and
there are readers which may be not interested in this project. please
respect this and use the tools.

with the forwarded mails in the last days: it is always
a good idea to first send a message to yourself instead
of nettime to check the format. (best with elm) You can
also just send it to nettime@is.in-berlin.de or 
nettime-owner@desk.nl if you don't know if format or
content are appropriate.

quote signs like '>' and long signatures are often
annoying to many readers, remember nettime is mainly a non-dialogue list for
distributing essays and other textes. 
Also it is important that you make sure to not post an
article which may have already appeared. (you can use
the newsgroup to check it)

the subject line: please use LONG subjects describing the
following content. It may happen that people don't read
a mail because the subject line doesn't tell them enough.
it is also good to signify if its an announcement, an essay, 
or an comment.

during the next days we will discuss again to go onto a
newsgroup. (news://alt.config) the same happens these days
with the cypherpunks list. The discussed name is alt.culture.nettime. Join us.

so far
have a nice day


ps: if you have any questions please feel free to contact me
personally -> <pit@contrib.de>

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