Robert Adrian on Wed, 19 Feb 97 19:36 MET

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Re: nettime: let's switch to news with the thread

Pitt Schultz wrote (17.02.97):

>if you want to follow or participate the thread
>and read/post comments and questions. The maillist channel becomes just to
>narrow these days for this big thread and
>there are readers which may be not interested in this project. please
>respect this and use the tools.

The discussion has been one of the few things on Nettime which
comes close to being an attempt at an art project dealing DIRECTLY with
the Internet - at root level. (pardon the pun)

In spite of the highly personal style of the mail this discussion has been
very interesting because of the way it operates on the borders of commerce,
anarchy, art, the military, the domination of the Net by U.S.American
interests (and law) - and much more.

Paul Garrin claims that his project is an artwork (among many other things).
This is extremely important - especially in respect to Nettime's stated aims
of promoting  >net criticism,  collaborative text filtering and cultural

This discussion may be uninteresting to the text-oriented professional
writer/academic but to Nettimers struggling with the problem of
imagining ways to operate creatively - and critically - in the
dematerialised environment of the Internet, Garrin's project is very

Like it or not, Nettime should keep the discussion/information-flow
on alive! Remember, none of the themes or projects on
Nettime are interesting to ALL the Nettimers ALL the time ...

*Art should concern itself as much with behavior as it does with
appearance* - Norman T. White
Robert Adrian

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