heath bunting (www.irational.org) on Thu, 20 Feb 97 11:21 MET

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Re: nettime: let's switch to news with the name.space thread

>Pitt Schultz wrote (17.02.97):
>>if you want to follow or participate the name.space thread
>>and read/post comments and questions. The maillist channel becomes just to
>>narrow these days for this big thread and
>>there are readers which may be not interested in this project. please
>>respect this and use the tools.
well said pit

>The name.space discussion has been one of the few things on Nettime which
>comes close to being an attempt at an art project dealing DIRECTLY with
>the Internet - at root level.
please move to nettime news group
or do you think it appropriate for me to post all media coverage 
of my projects along with other peoples critiques of my work ?
i hope not


-- london

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