Julia Lazarus on Fri, 1 Nov 96 16:22 MET

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Re: nettime: net.weight launch

Hi Vuk,

I looked at your site, and didnt find a way to contribute to it, or add 
any footnotes,, is this to be done by the editors of the mag still, or 
will you have a script running to take care of the WEBuser contributions..

I am just asking, cause I have been involved in a similar project about a 
years ago, we did stop doing work on it, unfortunately because all of us 
went to different places, and despite the fact that the Internet is global, 
people most often aren't.

you can look at the remains on

If you are interested in using the scripts, I will be most happy to help 
you do so, after all, it has been quite a lot of work and it is pity that 
we didn't get to use them as much as we could,, 
as far as I remember it has been possible to link your text- comments to the text, as well as to add 
images and videofiles to your comment. 
What we didn't work out was a automated index of all the contributions, since 
we didnt went public to much, we never got a problem with this.
The Layout of course is easily changable.

all the best


Julia Lazarus

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