Vuk Cosic on Fri, 1 Nov 96 16:20 MET

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Re: nettime: net.weight launch


> I looked at your site, and didnt find a way to contribute to it, or add 
> any footnotes,, is this to be done by the editors of the mag still, or 
> will you have a script running to take care of the WEBuser contributions..
the idea is to run it through moderation, somehow the intention is 
not so much to just explore the wideness of the net, but to focus on 
meaningfull critique of the given text,  using the media 
possibilities at the same time. This sound contradictory enough 
doesn't it?
I just had, and to me this seems like a great piece of work. It needs 
some updating, obviousely, but in essence it is a far more advanced 
techno-job then this net.weight. The difference is in this 
far-reaching concept that I do not seem to be having in my little 
project. Of course, it is on hmbleness and private optics that I am 
building the network of trust that is for me the only possible glue 
to keep collective creative teams together, or any kind of teams if 
you wish.  Nettime seems like a good example.

> If you are interested in using the scripts, I will be most happy to help 
> you do so, after all, it has been quite a lot of work and it is pity that 
> we didn't get to use them as much as we could,, 
> as far as I remember it has been possible to link your text- comments to the text, as well as to add 
> images and videofiles to your comment. 
> What we didn't work out was a automated index of all the contributions, since 
> we didnt went public to much, we never got a problem with this.
> The Layout of course is easily changable.
I am actualy just surfing (ha? what a word, still no better one) it, 
and it is early to say. 
Aha, the submiting of texts is clear to me now, it is well done too.
I have to see how many people will react to the invitation, and to 
the given text.... 

Hey, thank you Julila for the link here, it will be of great help as 
historical reference, 
did you think of contributing to net.weight?

> Julia Lazarus
Vuk Cosic

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