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Re: nettime: net.weight launch

On Fri, 1 Nov 1996, Vuk Cosic wrote:

> the idea is to run it through moderation, somehow the intention is 
> not so much to just explore the wideness of the net, but to focus on 
> meaningfull critique of the given text,  using the media 
> possibilities at the same time. This sound contradictory enough 
> doesn't it?

That is what we tried to, just that the moderators, we asked to do it, 
either were to well known to have time for it, or to little connected to 
the Internet, to actually do the work without problems.

> project. Of course, it is on hmbleness and private optics that I am 
> building the network of trust that is for me the only possible glue 
> to keep collective creative teams together, or any kind of teams if 
> you wish. 

very wise, indeed.

> I am actualy just surfing (ha? what a word, still no better one) it, 
> and it is early to say. 
> Aha, the submiting of texts is clear to me now, it is well done too.
> I have to see how many people will react to the invitation, and to 
> the given text.... 

transconeference is dead in terms of peoples participation, and also has 
never been alive, because of the reasons I descibed in my first mail..see 
if you can use the scripts while concentrating yourself on the publicity 
work, so that we then just did the tech-work/ 
Maybe you then can actually get what 
these scripts have been made for :

> Hey, thank you Julila for the link here, it will be of great help as 
> historical reference, 

sounds kind of odd,  historical reference, well yes please include me in 
your own private museum, maybe as creature from the middleage of 

> did you think of contributing to net.weight?
Maybe, if you let me know how and what.
Since you don't have a +-button  :-)

all the best


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Julia Lazarus


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