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RE: nettime: net.weight launch


Net.Weight project contribution:

an attached file NETREACT.AU
was sent to vuk as an
intima/te audio reACTion 
provoked by this part of the "Utopian Promises - Net Realities":

> Labor intensification through time management is only the
> beginning, as there is another problem in regard to total utility.
> People can still separate themselves from their work stations-the
> true home of the modern day cyborg. The seduction continues,
> persuading us that we should desire to carry our electronic
> extensions with us all the time. The latest commercials from AT&T
> are the perfect representation of consumer seduction. They promise:
> Have you ever sent a fax....from the beach? You will." or "Have you
> ever received a phone call....on your wrist? You will." This
> commercial is most amusing. There is an image of a young man who has
> just finished climbing a mountain and is watching a sunset. At that
> moment his wife calls on his wrist phone, and he describes the
> magnificence of the sunset to her. Now who is kidding who. Is your
> wife going to call you while you are mountain climbing? Are you
> going to need to send a fax while lounging on the beach? The
> corporate intention for deploying this technology (in addition to
> profit) is so transparent, it's painful. The only possible rejoinder
> is: "Have you ever been at a work station....24 hours a day, 365
> days a year? You will." Now the sweat shop can go any where you do!


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