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Re: <nettime>Re: Google buys Japanese painting of Google screenshot

--- noci <> wrote:
> Reality Turns real "Virtual" virtuality in Real-Time virtual bla!?

I hope the list is being archived for posterity. Must check if is
taking snapshots. We are reaching the end of era of the attention economy.

Before, whenever I thought that con-art parasites had reached the absolute
bottom, a new sub-zero grounds poped up.

But not any more.

Doing cretinous performances attracts less and less attention as competition is
fierce. Everyone is doing everything. It has become nearly impossible to
out-dumb the existing in new media, multimedia, monomedia. Keyboards have been
crammed in rectums, mechanical rectums have been constructed, it's all there
already, comissioned, exhibited, slashdotted, appraised and (un)fortunately
never forgotten, has it all forever.

If anything new is possible you can bet it will neither be networked nor
televised, much less purchased.

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