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Re: <nettime> 2 November 2004

"A fiendishly clever plan, Mr. Rove...but you forgot
one tiny detail. The Democrats are all soccer moms and
they have FULLY-ARMORED SUVs! They'll drive quite
safely to the polls."

"Curse you, Hemlock Stones! You'll rue the day you
crossed me!"

"Inspector Liz your duty!"

"You haven't heard the last of me, Stones!"

"No, but the first of you turns my stomach!"

For all the scare talk about what happens in Red
Alert--including dark hints from a Houston cop--I'd
put more stock in Lex Luthor's plan to nuke the San
Andreas Fault and turn all his eastern California
landholdings into beachfront property.

How can you expect a government that made a mess of
two invasions and subsequent occupations, and couldn't
gin up good fake evidence to justify at least one of
them, to pull off something as delicate as this? 

Those measures in the last paragraph make good sense,
Red Alert or no Red Alert. 

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