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   14 July 2004. Thanks to A.

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   Date: Wed Jul 14, 2004  2:28:41 PM US/Eastern
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   Subject: TERRORISM AND THE ELECTION: California is the Target!


   By Wayne Madsen

     Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist and
     columnist. He served in the National Security Agency (NSA) during
     the Reagan administration and wrote the introduction to "Forbidden
     Truth". He is the co-author, with John Stanton, of "America's
     Nightmare: The Presidency of George Bush II." His forthcoming book
     is titled: "Jaded Tasks: Big Oil, Black Ops, and Brass Plates."
     Madsen can be reached at: [1]

   You have to give the right-wingers credit. The fear tactics they
   learned from arch-Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels remain at the
   front of their political playbook. First, they put out the notion that
   in the event of a terrorist attack around the time of the November 2
   election, a postponement of the vote may be necessary. Second, they
   start talking about the Federal government's response to such a
   scenario. It's the second item we must all be focused upon.

   The idea of terrorism affecting the election was first proffered by
   Reverend DeForest B. Soaries Jr, the Bush-appointed chairman of the
   U.S. Election Assistance Commission. Soaries is a right-wing New
   Jersey Republican Secretary of State who has been living under the
   small "fanatics only" revival tent of the Christian fundamentalist
   crowd for some time. Soaries's job is to ensure that there is no
   repeat of the 2000 Florida fiasco. However, he and his friends in the
   Bush administration (read that as Karl Rove and Tom DeLay primarily)
   may have their eyes set on causing a major West coast electoral
   disruption in 2004 that will make Florida 2000 look like a minor
   glitch by comparison.

   As expected, suspecting a Bush conspiracy to cancel the election and
   remain in power until a determination would be made by Homeland Fuhrer
   Tom Ridge that an election was safe, the moderate, liberal,
   progressive, and libertarian communities cried foul. Postponing an
   election without a constitutional amendment would be a major breach of
   the Constitution (not that Bush has ever worried about his
   constitutional oath) and that would be impossible with only a little
   over three months before Election Day. Those who respect our
   Constitution pointed to the fact that President Abraham Lincoln did
   not cancel the 1864 presidential election during the Civil War - a war
   which saw this nation more at danger than it is during the current
   cable news bite-driven and somewhat sensationalist "Global War on

   The right wing had a different take on the possibility of an election
   postponement. Neo-fascist babble mongers like Rush Limbaugh said,
   "No!" to a postponement of the election. They argued that if a
   terrorist alert or attack were to occur, the election should go on and
   only those votes cast should be counted. Bingo! The plan for a second
   Bush administration became clear as day. And that plan's target is
   California, with its whopping 54 electoral votes, and possibly
   Washington State's 11 electoral votes, at stake.

   In 2000, Bush and the election fraud cabal that included his brother,
   Florida Governor "Jebbie" Bush, and Jebbie's old flame, Florida
   Secretary of State (now Congresswoman) Katherine Harris and Fox News
   election analyst John Ellis (Bush's first cousin), engineered Bush's
   phony Florida "win" using a combination of scrubbed electoral rolls
   that disenfranchised almost 100,000 African-Americans, confusing
   "butterfly ballots," an early Fox projected Bush "win" in the Sunshine
   State, and voter intimidation at mainly rural polling places. As with
   Osama bin Laden and his band of zealots, the Bush team never uses the
   same tactic twice. Therefore, all eyes should shift from Florida this
   Election Day, to California, where one of Bush's new minions, the
   Nazi-admiring Arnold Schwarzenegger, engineered a gubernatorial coup
   d'etat with the help of Enron's Ken Lay and his Texas oil cronies, to
   seize control of the governorship from the reelected Democrat Gray

   Clues to Republican motives are found back during that awful day in
   2001. On September 11, the day of the terrorist attacks, New Yorkers
   were heading to the polls to vote in their mayoral primary. Under the
   direction of the outgoing incumbent mayor, Rudolph Giuliani, city
   election officials quickly postponed the election.  Giuliani, one who
   never misses an opportunity to emulate the former Italian dictator
   Benito Mussolini, toyed with the idea of amending New York City's term
   limits law so that he could run for mayor for a third consecutive
   term. Another Giuliani plan would have postponed the primary and
   regular mayoral election for one year, giving him at least one more
   year in office with the possibility of a change in the city law to
   allow him to run for a third term. Another plan would have made
   Giuliani a write-in candidate. Wary of Giuliani's various proposed
   election contrivances and his intention to use the attack on the World
   Trade Center for his own political advantage, New York's City Council
   and the New York State Legislature quickly put the kibosh to Giuliani
   postponing the election indefinitely, extending his term for one year,
   or amending the city's term limit statute. The mayoral primary took
   place on September 25, two weeks after the terrorist attack, and the
   general election occurred on schedule on November 6. Michael Bloomberg
   was sworn in as the new mayor on January 1, 2002.

   After having Tom Ridge drop the media bomb that an election
   cancellation was a possibility and then having National Security
   Adviser Condoleezza Rice declare that no such plan existed, the cat
   was out of the bag. No, do not expect an election cancellation but be
   prepared for a terrorist "event" during the election. That is what the
   Bush White House and their media prostitutes are spinning.

   Here's the scenario we must be all be prepared for:

   If the pre-election internal tracking polls and public opinion polls
   show the Kerry-Edwards ticket leading in key battleground states, the
   Bush team will begin to implement their plan to announce an imminent
   terrorist alert for the West Coast for November 2 sometime during the
   mid afternoon Pacific Standard Time. At 2:00 PST, the polls in
   Kentucky and Indiana will be one hour from closing (5:00 PM EST - the
   polls close in Indiana and Kentucky at 6:00 PM EST). Exit polls in
   both states will be known to the Bush people by that time and if
   Kentucky (not likely Indiana) looks too close to call or leaning to
   Kerry-Edwards, the California plan will be implemented. A Bush problem
   in Kentucky at 6:00 PM EST would mean that problems could be expected
   in neighboring states and that plans to declare a state of emergency
   in California would begin in earnest at 3:00 PM PST.

   The U.S. Northern Command, which has military jurisdiction over the
   United States, will, along with the Department of Homeland Security
   and Schwarzenegger's police and homeland security officials in
   Sacramento, declare an "imminent" terrorist threat - a RED ALERT --
   affecting California's major urban areas.

   Although the polls in California will not be closed as a result of the
   declaration, the panic that sets in and the early rush hour will clog
   major traffic arteries and change the plans of many voters to cast
   their ballot after work.

   That terrorist emergency declaration could be made around 5:00 PM PST
   and with only three hours left for voting throughout the state, a
   number of working class voters in urban centers will either be caught
   up in California's infamous freeway traffic and be too late to get to
   their polling places or be more concerned about their families and
   avoid voting altogether.

   Without a doubt, many Democratic voters might simply opt to pick their
   kids up from day care centers or relatives and then go home without
   voting. These would tend to be the lower and middle income
   Californians and the Democratic base. The affluent voters in
   California who vote Republicans and can easily vote early (and be late
   for work) or have the option of leaving work at any time during the
   day to vote will have likely already cast their ballots. Therefore,
   the recipe of a White House-induced California terrorist alert and a
   low Democratic turnout could toss 54 electoral votes into Bush's lap,
   especially if the scare tactics affect the turnout in such urban and
   typically pro-Democratic vote-rich areas as Los Angeles, the San
   Francisco Bay Area, and Sacramento.

   At 7:00 PM EST (4:00 PM PST), the polls will close in Florida,
   Georgia, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Vermont, and Virginia. A half
   hour later, they close in North Carolina, Ohio, and West Virginia. If
   Kerry-Edwards wins Florida and that is coupled with similar pickups in
   Ohio, West Virginia and too-close-to-call races in Virginia and maybe
   North Carolina, the Bush team may seek to extend the terror alert to
   other Western or even Midwestern states, particularly Washington State
   (since Oregon votes by mail, it would be largely immune from any
   polling manipulation on Election Day). A terrorist alert for the
   Seattle area after 5:00 PM PST would result in a similar situation to
   that of California's, with the exception that many potential voters
   could be trapped on Seattle's commuter ferries. Washington's polls
   close at 8:00 PM PST (11:PM EST). A low Democratic turnout in the
   vote-rich Seattle-Tacoma-Bremerton area could be offset by a large
   Republican turnout in eastern Washington, thus possibly throwing the
   state's 11 electoral votes to Bush - a net pick up 65 electoral votes
   from the West Coast, adding those votes to California's. If Kerry
   picks up Ohio and some border states, the Bush team will be looking
   for a West Coast electoral offset and a terrorist alert would be the
   key to replacing lost Bush electoral votes in Ohio (21 votes), Florida
   (25), and West Virginia (5), a total of 51 electoral votes for Kerry.

   With the stage set for a terrorist alert on the West Coast and with
   the polls closing at 8 PM EST (5:00 PM PST and launch time for the
   terrorist alert) in Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Illinois,
   Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi,
   Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas, we
   might be looking at the following electoral vote tally:


   Florida (25); New Hampshire (4); Vermont (3); Ohio (21); West Virginia
   (5); Connecticut (8); Delaware (3); DC (3); Illinois (22); Maine (4);
   Maryland (10); Massachusetts (12); Michigan (18); New Jersey (15);
   Pennsylvania (23). Total: 176 (needed to win: 270).


   Indiana (12); Kentucky (8); Georgia (13); South Carolina (8); Virginia
   (13); North Carolina (14); Alabama (9); Kansas (6); Mississippi (7);
   Missouri (11); Oklahoma (8); Tennessee (11); Texas (32). Total: 152
   (needed to win: 270).

   At 8:30 PM EST (and a half hour into the West Coast terror alert), the
   polls close in Arkansas and its 6 electoral votes are added to Bush's
   column, giving him 158 to Kerry's 176.

   At 9:00 PM EST, the polls close in Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana,
   Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island,
   South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. With Kerry picking up Louisiana
   (9 votes), Minnesota (10), New Mexico (5), New York (33), Rhode Island
   (4), and Wisconsin (11), his vote total would stand at 248.

   With Bush picking up Arizona (8), Colorado (8), Nebraska (5), North
   Dakota (3), South Dakota (3), and Wyoming (3), his vote count would
   stand at 188.

   At 10:00 PM EST, the polls will close in mainly Bush states. With Bush
   picking up Idaho (4 votes); Montana (3); Nevada (4); and Utah (5) and
   with Kerry likely grabbing Iowa (7), the vote count would stand at:
   Kerry: 255 and Bush: 204.

   With an hour to go before polls close on the West Coast and the region
   enmeshed in a major terrorist alert with cops and National Guardsmen
   now adding to the mix and possibly closing roads and delaying traffic
   to the polling places, Bush's team in Washington and Sacramento would
   be poised to deliver the death blow to Kerry-Edwards.

   At 11:00 PM EST and 8:00 PM PST, the polls close in California,
   Oregon, and Washington. The fix is in: with California (the mother
   lode of 54 votes) and Washington (11 votes) going to Bush and Oregon
   (7 votes) possibly going to Kerry, the vote count stands at: Kerry:
   262 and Bush: 269. Sometime in the wee hours of the morning of
   November 3, Alaska (3 votes) is declared for Bush and he is declared
   the winner with 272 votes to Kerry's 266 (with Kerry's pickup of
   Hawaii's 4 electoral votes). It's a down-to-the wire race with Bush
   being declared a winner without a Supreme Court fight but using his
   "homeland security" powers to ensure his re-election and Alaska
   putting him over the top.

   That is what all this talk about a terrorist attack on Election Day is
   about. It is to prime the population and allow Bush surrogates at Fox
   News, CNN, and MS-NBC to begin their perception management campaign
   that an attack will occur around the election. But there will be no
   postponement of the election or cancellation - this is simply another
   plan to manipulate the public through the use of phony threats and
   fear tactics. The problem is that it just might work for Bush and his
   cabal of "the ends justify the means" manipulators.

   This article is a wakeup call to all those who can try to forestall
   such a series of events. California's Democratic majority in the state
   legislature and its Democratic Lieutenant Governor and Attorney
   General must take steps now to ensure Schwarzenegger does not conspire
   with his fellow Republicans in Washington to do to California in 2004
   what Jebbie Bush and his people did to Florida in 2000. Similarly,
   Washington's Democratic Governor Gary Locke and all the Democratic
   officials, including the two Democratic U.S. Senators, must take
   similar action to avoid a similar scenario in their state.

   Action needed now includes:

   1. Informing all state election officials about such a scenario and
   its potential impact on voter turnout.

   2. Making contingency plans now to keep the polling places open to
   ensure that people can vote later or after any state of emergency is

   3. Prevent the National Guard from being used to facilitate such a
   state of emergency.

   4. Close coordination by the Democratic Party, smaller parties, and
   minority and labor rights organizations to respond to such a scenario.

   To paraphrase James Carville, "It's California and the voter turnout,
   stupid!" Forget about canceling or postponing the election. Keep your
   eye on a "Red Terrorist Alert" on the West Coast for Election Day.
   That doesn't take a constitutional amendment, merely an okay from Bush
   and his homeland security team. They must be stopped - the future of
   this nation is at stake!



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