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<nettime>Re: Google buys Japanese painting of Google screenshot

Reality Turns real "Virtual" virtuality in Real-Time virtual bla!?
oh yes, we are still dealing with that topic and if you don't like it 
you suck, because (latest news: Google bought the painting for around 

"Natural Process (NP)" is an "installation" that "consists" of exonemo's
first-ever "pictorial" "work", "A web page," and a "surrounding" 
"system". """"""""""""!!?!

"A web page," (in case you've never heard of that obscure term, 
"dumbass"!?!!?!) the work at the center of this installation, is a
conversion of a well-known webpage (*1) into painted form. Simply put 
for you complete morons out there,
the painting depicts an entire webpage ("!!!!")along with the window 
that frames it"!"...! Yes, that's right, a "window"!! Yet, at the same 
time, it's not just a painting, but also "an analization of a digital 
object" or "a landscape painting of the "Internet"." (After all, 
surprise, bla bla we see it through a "window"!) Yes, that's right, a 

The NP system is """"constructed" so that a webcam captures the 
analization of the painting! in the museum and "transmits" its image 
into another "window" which you have on your "internet". Here's how it

[The webpage is converted into anal form (i.e. a painting!!?!)] >>
[installed in the window in the museum] >> [filtered through the medium 
of the window exhibition space] >> [converted back into digital window] 
 >> [and transmitted onto the window(""!!!") on the "internet"]

In "short"!!, it originates from the window and returns back to a 
"window" through what is "probably" the "world"'s !!?! most window 
process ever!!
And by filtering through the window of the museum, will the "data"
"deteriorate"? Or will it mature into something else (i.e. a 

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