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Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 05:28 pm
From: <>
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Welcome to a JOHNHOWARDLIES.COM Update.  In this issue:

1.      Overwhelmed <>

2.      Our <>  Target - 500,000 hits in 30 Days

3.      Website Updates <>

4.      Making <>  the News and a difference

5.      Enrol to vote <>

6.      Thanks <>

7.      Subscribe / <>  Unsubscribe

1.      Overwhelmed

Thank you for responding to JOHNHOWARDLIES.COM.

We've been more than overwhelmed by the response.  In the first ten days the
website received more than 200,000 hits.

Like you, we were sick of the Prime Minister and his Ministers lying.  So we
thought we would say it.

We had no idea how many Australians felt the same way and the response has
been staggering.

We have been inundated with subscriptions and suggested lies to add to the
site.  So many we are struggling to keep up.

If you've sent something to us and not received a personal response, we're
sorry but you are one of thousands and we are trying to respond as fast as
we can where we can.

We didn't plan it or know it, but WWW.JOHNHOWARLDIES.COM
<>  is a new phenomenon in Australian politics
and you are part of that.

2.      OUR TARGET - 500,000 hits in 30 Days

With more than 200,000 hits in our first ten days we were shocked by the
response to <> .  What
it told us was that we are not alone.

But, we want more Australians to know about the lies being told by John
Howard and his Government.

So we want you to help spread the word.

Our target is to have 500,000 hits in our first 30 days.

That's 500,000 hits by Monday 26 July.  We need you to help us reach that

To reach the target we need you to tell just 10 of your colleagues, friends
and family about <>

Make a difference and tell other Australians the truth.  Tell 10 friends
about <> .

3.      Website Updates

We're trying to update the site with new lies as fast as we can.  But given
the responses we've received it's almost an impossible task.

As "volunteers for truth" we're making changes and adding new lies to the
site when we can.

The site now has a new "Featured Lies" and "Latest News" section on the Home
page and a range of new lies pages.  We've also added a search engine to the
site.  Check it out at
<> .

The more information with the source you send through the faster we can add
your contribution to the site.

4.      Making the News and a difference <>  is making news.
We've received a number of media inquiries about the site.  The Sydney
Morning Herald, AAP, A Current Affair, ABC Radio and The Age have approached
us wanting to know more about the site.  AAP, the Age and Sydney Morning
Herald have reported the influence here
<> . <>  is also upsetting
the defenders of the Prime Minister's lies.  We've been attacked from
spammers, hackers and bloggers trying to cripple our site and the campaign
to tell Australians the truth.

And yes, we've been threatened by legal action.

But don't worry they won't stop us.

5.      Enrol to vote

The most important thing is to ensure you and your friends, family and
colleagues are correctly enrolled to vote.  Click here
<>  to enrol to vote
in the forthcoming election.

6.      Thanks

Thanks again for responding to

You are part of a new form of political action in Australia.

Remember, to make a real difference we need 500,000 hits by Monday, 26 July,
2004 so tell 10 friends about the lies by sending them
<> .

7.      Subscribe / Unsubscribe

Your have received this email because you have subscribed to the John Howard
Lies Mailing List.  If you no longer want to receive updates please reply to
this email with "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the Subject Field.

Yours in honesty




ben moretti
t: +61 0438 822 196

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