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<nettime> [open letter to Yukiko Shikata]

To answer Geert lovink email about the google painting bought by Google:
Hereafter some info about a google paintying done on 2001 in Los Angeles 
and its history !
I sent this email hereafter to the curator of this event...

Your coment are welcome:

Best regards

Valery Grancher

Hello Yukiko Shikata,

How are you, I'm contacting you because I just saw this page on the web 
and really I don't know how to perceive it.
I rode that you were part of this project as a curator.

I would like to ask you what you think about it when you will know that 
I did this project on 2001 and was show in deitch gallery in NY!
and was sold in an art auction dealing with contemporary art on last 
june in Drouot Paris by Ma=EEtre Tajan on June 2004 (really more 
expensive that the exonemo one to google):
here  the catalog of the auction (lot 187).
This paintings is a part of "webpaintings" project in initiated on 1998:
This google paintings was shown in severals shows and treproduced in art 
magazine in korea, because was shon on 2002 at the artsonje center in 
Seoul and Gwangjyu in a show called "less ordinary".
This picture of this painting was also diffused on nettime on 2001, 
exonemo is a part of nettime ! was also show during two week on last may 
on front page of and was reproduced in several magazines and 

As a curator of this project I deeply want to have your opinion about 

I thank you for your attention and your kindness and I look forward to 
hearing from you as soon as possible

Best regards

Valery Grancher

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