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   EMARE / GRANT                                                                   
     Monika Stoesser <>                                               

     "Karoly Toth" <>                                                   

   Colonel may/june activities                                                     
     "Geoffroy-Colonel" <>                                        

   Fwd: Video-Sharing Syndicate/Network                                            
     "dr.woooo" <>                                             

   30/5 geneva: wipe out IOM, WTO and WIPO                                         
     "dr.woooo" <>                                             

   International Conference on Socio Political Informatics and Cybernetics: Pista '
     "geert lovink" <>                                                

   THIS IS NOT A...                                                                
     Sonar Radar <>                                         

   opening of the SAVE / SAFE space                                                
     "" <>                                        

   STORY STREAMS: Real-time Cinema=?ISO-8859-1?B?qQ==?=                            
     fran ilich <>                                                netzkollektor digest #3                                       
     Gabriele Blome <>                               


Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 20:06:31 +0200
From: Monika Stoesser <>
Subject: EMARE / GRANT

Dear nettime-Team,

I am writing to you in regards to the European Media Artists in 
residence Exchange (EMARE) which we are as one of the organizers now advertising 
for 2003.

we would be very grateful if you could publish  the information about 
the new
could you please confirm wheather you will circulate 
our information?
Thank you very much!

with best regards,
Monika Stösser

Press release EMARE-GRANT

European Media Artists in Residence Exchange

EMARE- Grants for European Media Artists for England, Scotland, Germany 
and Netherlands

The eighth European Media Artists in Residence Exchange will take place 
in Autumn 2003 to Spring 2004.

Deadline: June, 30th, 2003

Europe based Media Artists in the fields of digital media including 
internet and computer based art, filmmakers, sound and video artists are 
invited to apply for a two month residence based stipend *at Hull Time 
Based Arts, Kingston Uppon Hull in England; *at Duncan of Jordanstone 
College School of Television and Imaging, Dundee, Scotland, *at V2 
Organisation, Rotterdam, Netherlands or *at Werkleitz Gesellschaft's 
Center for  Media Arts Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Students are not 
permitted, but young artists encouraged. EMARE includes a grant of 2.000 
Euro, free accomodation, 250 Euro travel expenses, access to the 
technical facilities and media labs and a professional presentation. 
Entries should include a CV, (audio)visual reference projects 
documentation and a proposal sketch for the project which should be 
developed within EMARE. Artists with residence in or identity card for 
EU and associated countries should contact one of the following 
institutions for further details and application form or visit the 

Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V./ EMARE/ Peter Zorn / Strasse des Friedens 26 
/ D-39249 Tornitz / Tel: +49 (0)3 92 98 - 675 - 0 / Fax +49 (0)3 92 98 - 
675 - 55

Hull Time Based Arts/ Walter Van Der Cruijsen  42 High Street / GB-HU1 
1PS Hull  UK fon +44 1482 216446 / fax +44 1482 589952 /

Duncan of Jordanstone College / School of Television and Imaging / Mike 
Stubbs Perth Road  / DD1 4HT Dundee / UK / fon +44 1 382223261 / fax +44 
1 382226136 /

V2_Organisation / Institute for the Unstable Media / Anne Nigten / 
Eendrachtsstr.10 / NL-3012 XL  Rotterdam / Netherlands / fon +31 10 
2067273 / fax +31 10 2067274 /

EMARE 2001 is supported by the Ministry of cultural affairs 
Saxony-Anhalt; Arts Councils of England & Scotland; Yorkshire  Arts; 
Dutch Ministry for Culture, British Council; Goethe Institute


Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V.
Straße des Friedens 26
D-39249 Tornitz
fon: +49-(0)39298-675-0
fax: +49-(0)39298-675-55


Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 15:07:38 +0200
From: "Karoly Toth" <>
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?=5BZEROGLAB_=DCBERGROUND=5D_CALL_FOR_SACKED_NEW_MEDIA_CURA?= =?iso-8859-1?Q?TORS?=

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(we crosspost with no regret)

überground would like to invite all sacked media curators to curate/organize
programs in the city-state überground. 

hereby we would like to invite steve dietz who lost his position at the
walker art center to continue his program in the rotterdam überground.

we believe that the recent wave of dropping new media programs at leading
cultural institutions all around the world, and here in rotterdam as well,
or cutting their budgets, seriously endangers the positive achievements, the
networked cultural community has been made in the past years. we want to
canalize this positive energy that has been accumulated by this community.
we want to take our responsibility. we want to preserve and prolong this
impact on our global and local culture and and develop to new levels.

we are in an economic, and not in a cultural recession.

we don't believe in the modernist dogma that less is more.
less = less
more = more
enough = enough

überground has no budget to cut. 

überground is a new independent art space, city-state and transcultural
playground for new media in rotterdam, open for the public on a regular base
for shows and salon events. überground events deal with new media,
architecture and design, experimental art, theory, performance, music,
social issues, things on or over the edge.

überground algorithm:
control of position = movement
control of movement = irritability (simple reflex)
control of irritability = (complex) reflex
control of reflex = associating (conditional reflex)
control of associating = human thinking
control of human thinking = culture

überground is organized by zeroglab, an independent artlab in rotterdam.
zeroglab is in an evolving process of exchange with initiatives of
individuals and institutions, based on mutual sympathy.

zeroglab web:
t: +31 (0)10 2400390
address: gedempte zalmhaven 923, rotterdam,eu

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Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 08:59:37 +0100
From: "Geoffroy-Colonel" <>
Subject: Colonel may/june activities

COLONEL  may -june projects. Conferences /Exhibitions

may 28 th                  /Berlin /Galerie Sparwasser HQ /  "talk" 20.00h
june from 28 th to 01 aug  / Berlin /galerie Olaf Stüber
june 26-27 th              /Berlin /Haus der Kulturen der Welt

to 10 Jun                  / Copenhagen /galerie Pio Diaz /opening friday 23
may 31 saturday            /Copenhagen / moving party /copenhagen distortion

more infos at

best regards

Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel


Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 19:14:14 +1000
From: "dr.woooo" <>
Subject: Fwd: Video-Sharing Syndicate/Network

- ----- Forwarded message from access news <> -----
    Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 17:31:20 +1100
    From: access news <>

A Call to Join and Contribute to the Establishment of a
Video-Sharing Syndicate/Network

Project Description:
For some time now the idea of utilising peer2peer
structures to assemble a user-built distribution
platform has been circulating. Recently, in the run-up
to the G8 meeting in Evian, a concrete proposal has
been made to establish a system for the sharing of
video. Long-term we believe that we can assemble a
sustainable and scalable platform for audio-visual
materials of a critical and independent nature. This
is an appeal to groups/individuals to get involved, dedicate some
resources, support and expand the project generally.

Works to be distributed over the system will vary from
somewhat edited footage suitable for use as a stock
archive to finished documentaries/films. Each file
will be accompanied by  metadata in an xml .info file
and produced as an searchable RSS feed for people to
integrate into their own sites and published on its
own website (where there will also be a manifesto,
how-to's. contact info for participating groups etc.)
Amongst the metadata fields will be a specification
for the nature of the license under which the
materials may be used (e.g. Creative Commons

Participants in this project range from SO36 provider
in Berlin to people from the No Borders network,
Candida TV in Rome, New Global Vision (Italy),
Radioserver (Germany), Big Noise Films (New York), Free Speech TV
(Colorado), NoWarTV (Roma) Hackitectura (Spain) and individuals from
Autonomedia,  Mute etc. Groups in the UK, Korea, US and Switzerland have
also been approached.

If you are interested in the project please get in
touch immediately as actions around the g8 will
commence on May 29th. Responses should include an
email contact, an expression of
general agreement with the aims of the project and expected contribution.
Please email the mailing list at

See below for the call for participation in Geneva and the long-term
project of video file-sharing:

GENEVA03 is a temporary broadcasting studio during the g8-summit
transmitting video and audio streams live from the cultural center l'usine
in geneva from may 29 to june 3. The livecast will be streamed on the
internet and picked up and redistributed by local and international
broadcasters as well as projected in the streets and theatres of  Geneva.

In order to cover the protests between Geneva, Lausanne and Anmasse in
real time, media activists will work from the  "everyone-is-an-expert"
mobile studio van, which - with a self-adjusting bi-directional satellite
dish - will provide a mobile internet connection and transmit live-footage
from the roaming protests.

The GENEVA03 project is a joint effort of a growing number of video
activists and independent filmmakers together with dozens of indymedia
reporters, to organize and broadcast independent news coverage from the G8
events. We are currently programming a stream, that, besides the live
coverage of the mass-protests, will include movies, concerts, talk-shows,
vj sessions, subvertisements and other radically innovative formats.

The project is an exploration of new forms of collaboration in film and
videomaking; a  hybrid sending and receiving experiment crossing borders
between media. In Geneva we will launch V2V, a peer-to-peer video-sharing
network, which will work as both a content management and archiving
system. Filmmakers, local and remote, can make contributions. They can
upload their films, videos reports and roughly edited material onto more
than a dozen servers, which will host the material in the P2P-networks.
The V2V standard suggests a set of specifications for the encoding with
half of the standard broadcast quality as a compromise between a modest
upload-time and a tolerable resolution for screening, in order to
facilitate the global exchange of images. At the occasion of the live
stream from geneva the V2V virtual video filesharing network will be
launched and beta-tested. But the project of an opensource video
production and distribution network will be developed further on.

This is an open call to join in the production and distribution of the
GENEVA03 broadcasts and the launch of the V2V network.

1. Take and rebroadcast the stream, or download broadcast quality video of
your choice directly from the server, to rebroadcast in community
screenings or on local TV, Radio broadcast, or to simply post the URL of
the stream on other web-sites.

2. Upload your video and become part of the stream!
Broad themes for content are:
• Freedom of movement and freedom of communication (Migration, Borders,
technology, copyright/left…)
• Movement of movements (the view from the ground)
• Control, surveillance, war
We are looking for a range of formats, from documentary to comedy, from
subvertisements to talk shows, vj sets to animation, and whatever you can

v2v mailing list

- -----------------------------------------------------------
Suite 75, Trades Hall
54 Lygon St, Carlton Sth
Victoria 3053, Australia
ph +61 3 9663 6976

access news:
Channel 31:
- -----------------------------------------------------------

- ----- End forwarded message -----

- -- 


Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 19:46:33 +1000
From: "dr.woooo" <>
Subject: 30/5 geneva: wipe out IOM, WTO and WIPO

30/5 geneva: wipe out IOM, WTO and WIPO
 Call for a demonstration on May 30th in Geneva - Start: 11.A.M. near the 
railway station (watch out for more infos)

20.May.03 - In the days preceding the mass protests of June 1st against the G8, 
we hope thousands of people will converge in the region in order to take part 
in the camps, conferences, workshops and help prepare the large demonstration 
and mass civil disobedience of June 1st.

In the framework of these activities we call for a demonstration in 
the "institutional quarter" of Geneva on Friday May 30th. Our intention is to 
politically express our fundamental criticism of capitalist development and our 
clear rejection of more and more transnational instruments of exploitation, 
control and exclusion.

Freedom of movement is our demand when we gather in front of the International 
Organisation for Migration (IOM), an intergovernmental institution, which 
claims the leadership in socalled "global migration managment", which means to 
combine programmes of deportation and internment of migrants, the destruction 
of flightroutes and recruitment-projects for cheap labourforces.

At the World Trade Organisation (WTO), we will "reject the idea that so 
called "free" trade creates employment and increases welfare, and the 
assumption that it can contribute to the alleviation of poverty. But we will 
also very clearly
reject the alternative of a stronger national capitalism and authoritarian 
state to take over central control from corporations. Our struggles aim at 
taking back control of the means of production from the hands of both 
transnational and national capital, in order to create free, sustainable and 
community-controlled livelihoods, with equal rights and opportunities for women 
and men, based on solidarity and people's needs and not on exploitation and 

Freedom of communication will be our slogan as we'll face the World 
Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). What is recently known 
as "information society" appears as a wave of expansionist intellectual 
property laws. Companies are able to exercise biopolitical control that takes 
to new extremes the tendency of liberating capital by restricting individual 
and collective freedom and rights - even the right to life itself.

IOM, WTO and WIPO symbolize three central pillars of global governance and the 
three combined demonstrations in front of their respective headquarters will 
highlight this context.

We refuse and reject both capitalist exploitation and racist exclusion, border 
managment and digital rights managment, restrictions of freedom of movement and 
constraints of the freedom of communication. This demonstration will be a 
further step to strengthen an interconnected struggle of anticapitalist and 
anti-racist movements, of net activists and free access campaigns to shape a 
global movement of movements.

The character of the demonstration will be selfdetermined in its contents, but 
peaceful in its running. We will be coloured and noisy, but we will avoid any 
confrontations with the police. We will accuse the transnational agencies and 
maintain our daily and longterm struggle against them. But we will not occupy 
or´attack their barrickaded buildings. Two days before the beginning of the G8 
summit and the announced mass protests we do not want to give the police a 
pretext to start a dynamic of repression and play their logic of war.

In the evening before the demonstration, on Thursday May 29th, there will be a 
public information event and debate about our approach and the topics 
mentioned. It will take place in L'Usine, place des volontaires, Geneva.
- - with Frank Düvell from the anti-racists office in Bremen, related to the 
noborder network, about the global migration-regime;
- - hopefully with somebody from anti-wto-struggles...;
- - with Alan Toner from Autonomedia about the demand for freedom of 

L'usine will be the indymedia center during the days of protest and will offer 
a livestreaming of this event in the camps in Annemasse and out to the world. 
In addition to that a new video film about the role and function of the IOM 
will be presented in the camps and in other public spaces in Geneva.

- -- 


Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 16:43:18 +1000
From: "geert lovink" <>
Subject: International Conference on Socio Political Informatics and Cybernetics: Pista '03


International Conference on Socio Political Informatics and Cybernetics:
Pista '03

July 31, August 1-2, 2003 - Orlando, Florida, USA
Jointly with The International Conference On Computer, Communication and
Control Technologies: CCCT '03

Pista '03 Organizing Committee invites authors to submit their original and
unpublished works, innovations, ideas based on analogical thinking,
problems that require solutions, position papers, case studies, etc., in
the fields of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). ICT
researchers are invited to present their research results.
Practitioners and consultants are invited to present case study papers and
innovative solutions. Corporations are invited to present political
information systems and software based solutions. Public servers are
invited to present case studies, information systems developed for specific
purpose, and innovative ideas and designs. Political and social scientists
are invited to present research or position papers on the impact and the
future possibilities of ICT in Societal systems and political processes.
Politician and political consultants are invited to present problems that
might be solved by means of ICT, or solutions that might be improved by
different approaches and design in ICT.

All are invited to organize panel or invited sessions. Panel sessions with
panelists coming from both: ICT researcher/practitioners and political
consultants or politicians are highly encouraged.

Submitted papers must describe work not previously published. They must not
be submitted concurrently to another conference with refereed proceedings.

Pista '03 Organizing Committee invites authors to submit their original and
unpublished works, innovations, ideas based on analogical thinking,
problems that require solutions, position papers, case studies, etc., in
the fields of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). ICT
researchers are invited to present their research results. Practitioners
and consultants are invited to present case study papers and innovative
solutions. Corporations are invited to present political information
systems and software based solutions.
Public servers are invited to present case studies, information systems
developed for specific purpose, and innovative ideas and designs. Political
and social scientists are invited to present research or position papers on
the impact and the future possibilities of ICT in Societal systems and
political processes. Politician and political consultants are invited to
present problems that might be solved by means of ICT, or solutions that
might be improved by different approaches and design in ICT.

All are invited to organize panel or invited sessions. Panel sessions with
panelists coming from both: ICT researcher/practitioners and political
consultants or politicians are highly encouraged.

Submitted papers must describe work not previously published. They must not
be submitted concurrently to another conference with refereed proceedings.

You can find complete information about the conference in our web page


General Chair: Prof.: Jose Vicente Carrasquero
Organizing Committee Chair: Prof: Frederik Welsch

Organized by the IIIS: The International Institute of Informatics and


. Informatics And society
     Social Informatics. Cyber-Civics.
     Digital Libraries.
     Communicating Culture. Culture Shifts and the Transformation of
     Digital Cities.
     Global E-Quality. E-Development.
     Internet and society. What is New about the New Media.
     Societal and political impact of Mobile communications.
     Politics and the Internet. Politics in Mediatized Cultures.
     Computer mediated Communications. Political Communication and Public
     Informatics for Education. Computer Mediated Education. The e-literate
     Networking Schools, Universities and Communities.
     Citizenship in the Information Society. Citizenship, New Media and
Political Action.
.    Informatics, Voting and Political Parties
     Informatics and Political Campaigns.
     Online Campaigning. On-line Polling. Political Advertising.
     Leaders, Elections and Parties and New Media. Informational Power.
     E-democracy and E-participation. Democracy and New Media.
     The effects of mobile communication on public participation and
political mobilization.
     Political Information.
.    Informatics And Government
     Electronic Government. Web-Enabled Government. Local E-government.
     Telematics for Development. Telematics as Agent of Social Change.
     Open Source for National and Local eGovernment Programs.
     Citizens and Public Administration in the Information Age.
     Open Source for National and Local eGovernment Programs.
     Political Forces shaping Innovations and Diffusion of Information and
     Communication Technologies. Information Politics. The Politics of Inf.
     E-administration. E-public services. Web Self-Service in the Public
     E-Gov. Information Assurance.
     Process Models and Software for E-democracy. E-communities.
     Software for Dialog and Argumentation.
     Intergovernmental Informatics.
     Citizens and Governance in an Open Knowledge-Based Society.
     E-reality and E-economy.
     Cyberspace Security.
.    Ethical and Legal Issues related to Informatics
     Ethical, Legal and societal Challenges of Cyberspace.
     Legal Informatics.
     Legal Knowledge and Information Systems.
     Cyber-Ethics. Ethical issues in computing and Informatics.


Papers might be submitted via web page, as extended
abstracts (500-2000 words) or as full papers drafts (2000-5000 words).

Reviews will be done for both kinds of submissions.

Invited Sessions proposals can be done filling the form given in the web

More information about Invited Sessions Organization could be found at the


June 15, 2003: Submission of extended abstracts (500-1500) words or paper
drafts (2000-5000) words.

June 15, 2003: Invited session proposals.

June 25, 2003: Notifications of Acceptance.

July 05, 2003: Submission of final versions: hard copies and electronic

July 31, 2003: Conference Starts

August 2, 2003: Conference Ends

Some invited sessions might have a different timetable according to its
organizer and chair


Submitted papers will be reviewed. Accepted papers, which should not exceed
six single-spaced typed pages, will be published by means of paper and
proceedings. Authors of accepted papers must sign a copyright release form.


The registration fees will be $290 before the deadline, and $340 after the

This fee will include exclusively:

* A CD-ROM version of the Proceedings
* One volume of the hard copy version of the Conference Proceedings.
* Coffee breaks
* Welcome Reception

Each registration fee might include just one paper, which presentation will
be included in the conference program and published in the conference


The only audiovisual equipment provided for most meetings will be an
overhead projector and a screen. Video projection or any other equipment,
if needed, will have to be supplied by the presenter.


Details can be found at the Conference web page:

Answers to specific questions can also be requested by e-mail:


We are looking forward to meeting you at Pista '03 conference, in Orlando.


Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 12:28:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: Sonar Radar <>
Subject: THIS IS NOT A...

This Is Not A :Collective is proud to announce our


Mondays _ 9PM
16 - 30 June 2003

Star Shoes
7963 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA
$3 Donation

THIS IS NOT A :Collective was founded in 2001 in order
to conceive new parameters for developing, criticizing
and enjoying culture in the occidental diaspora. Our
use of this opportunity, or purpose is threefold: to
provide information and create discourse on all the
salient issues in our contemporary cultural debate -
from sustainability to globalization, from status quo
to avant garde; to create and facilitate contemporary
media, whether old or new; and to cement our era in
history as a period of renaissance and renewal.

MORE INFO TO COME... for immediate inquiries:
grace aplomb

Do you Yahoo!?
The New Yahoo! Search - Faster. Easier. Bingo.


Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 22:14:30 +0200
From: "" <>
Subject: opening of the SAVE / SAFE space

- -----------------------------------------------------------------------
opening of the SAVE / SAFE space
borderlining as a contemporary phenomenon

a collaborative online ground on post - human tendencies with postings by 

- -----------------------------------------------------------------------
OPENING of the SAVE / SAFE space at the art festival SOHO IN OTTAKRING, 
vienna, 24/05/03.
the local installment can be experienced until 07/06/03. ask for details if 
you come by.
- -----------------------------------------------------------------------

play & participate in SAVE / SAFE on
- -----------------------------------------------------------------------
apple users, please note: send your texts to & we do 
the onlining for you. SAVE / SAFE is designed for PC / IE 6.0 only.

theme & concept:

* The cultural container representing itself to society today and going to 
reign the 21st century ... is characterized by substitutional relations 
based on the central involvement with information technology, pursued from 
a position of pseudo-autism ... With the decay of inter-personal culture 
and the expansion of IT-controlled substitutes of inter-relation only one 
mass container is left for and generally accepted by a borderlining 
majority: the unavoidable search for the ego and for techniques allowing 
the construction of identity. *

* J. Erik Mertz, in: Borderline - weder tot noch lebendig, 2000

In January 2003, SAVE / SAFE started from a research of human 
states-of-being related to the impact of New Technologies on the perception 
and self-consciousness of individual existence. Using the atmosphaeric 
background of a journey to Oceania - a context of highly social municipal 
communities still existing on many of the geographically isolated 
Polynesian islands and a westernized New Zealand having integrated all 
attitudes of 'modern' life - SAVE / SAFE compares Anna's individual 
experience to results of the scientific research of philosophy, psychology, 
ethics, sociology and new media theory.

Since then, a contemporary variety of aspects on the theme have been added 
by artists / authors from different countries, thus turning the SAVE / SAFE 
automat more and more into what it intends to be - a mirror - through a 
spectrum of different views the structure of the reading machine SAVE / 
SAFE turns into a mirror of contemporary conditioning, thus provoking the 
user to consciously read without reading, understand without analyzing, 
experience without touching.

- ---------------------------------------------------------------
- ---------------------------------------------------------------, non - profit org. for new media
singapur / sydney / new zealand / fiji / western samoa / vienna
2000 - 2003
- ---------------------------------------------------------------
non - profit org for new media

call: ++43 - 1 - 920 70 03
mobile: ++43 - 6991 - 820 70 03
- ---------------------------------------------------------------
sorry for cross postings.for unsubscribing from our info mailer
just click reply and say 'unsubscribe'in the header.


Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 00:22:57 -0500
From: fran ilich <>
Subject: STORY STREAMS: Real-time Cinema=?ISO-8859-1?B?qQ==?=

Story Streams:

Story Streams is a networked digital film, created in real-time by
collaborating filmmakers around the world. Story Streams weaves digital
networked technologies with the ancient tradition of oral storytelling to
create a new cinematic genre: real-time cinema. Working from a common
narrative, each filmmaker created his or her own version of the story and
then uploaded the files to a centralized artist who mixed the streams of the
story together in real-time to create yet another version of the narrative.

Story Streams was first presented at the Streaming Cinema media festival in
Philadelphia in February, 2003. The narrative we used was based on the
classic hero¹s journey: Our hero/heroine sets off on a short errand in the
city. There he encounters 2 or 3 perils or challenges. With the help of an
enchanted person, the hero/heroine reaches deep within himself and finds the
strength and resourcefulness to face down the perils. You could also say
that what he learns about his inner self helps him conquer the perils.
Having faced down the challenges the hero/heroine leaves the enchanted area
and finds him/herself back on the original road he was traveling on ----
only much further along the path. A few steps more, and he reaches the end
of his journey. This is a classical mythological frame such as the one
employed in Ulysses. The narrative was chosen because we wanted it to be
easily recognizable to the audience.

Nora Barry, creator of Story Streams and Executive Producer
Carlos Gomez De Llarena, Mixer in Philadelphia
Jeannette Lambert, Filmmaker in Montreal
Pierre Wayser, Filmmaker in Paris
Fran Ilich, Filmmaker in Mexico City
Mike Adams, Producer and Webcast Host
Andy Houriet, Technical Director
Will Luff, Engineer
Mitch Goldberg, Engineer 


Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 11:24:32 +0200
From: Gabriele Blome <>
Subject: netzkollektor digest #3

The netzkollektor - an open online archive for digital culture

netzkollektor is an open archive for media art and design,
media sciences and IT research.

Media artists, interface designers, computer and media scientists
are invited to take part in building up the archive and to publish
projects or art-related, design or theoretical work in netzkollektor
at the website.

By showcasing projects and works in netzkollektor, media creatives
have the opportunity to set their work in a professional and
interdisciplinary context and to place it in the context of other
approaches on related themes. Consequently, netzkollektor not only
provides an excellent opportunity to present works, it is also an
archive for curators, journalists and scientists researching the
latest media work and projects.

The netzkollektor-digest presents a selection of the most recent
of these. 

All editions of the netzkollektor are also available online now :

You can find further interesting projects and works at

The netzkollektor is bilingual and contributions can be
submittedeither in German or in English or in both languages.
In many cases authors submit their contributions only in
one language, so that no translation is available.

Enjoy the netzkollektor digest.

Best regards,
Gabriele Blome

netzkollektor digest #3

- ---------------------------------------------
Call for Cooperation/Communication/Exchange:
- ---------------------------------------------
The Sonic Memorial Project
The Life and History of the World Trade Center and its Neighborhood
Sue Johnson, Alison Cornyn, Britta Frahm, and others

MOMAK - Museum of Modern Art Kabul
Online-Portal für Afghanische Künstler
Thorsten Klöpfer, Oliver Kauselmann

Blick aus meinem Fenster
Ein zeitlich begrenztes Projekt, mit dem ein offenes, weltweites
Bildarchiv aufgebaut wird.
Caro Dewor

Eine Persiflage auf den Umgang und die Wahrnehmung der Medien
Tino Schwanemann, Autechre

Flash/phyton weblication, bot/user stage and endless net_viedo stream.
Von Axel Heide, onesandzeros, Philip Pocock, Gregor Stehle

- ---------------------------------------------
Calls for Submission:
- ---------------------------------------------
Communicating Culture with Digital Media
Call for Entries
Deadline: May 31st, 2003

digital sparks
Student media project competition for German speaking universities
Deadline: May 31st, 2003

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Communicating Culture with Digital Media
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Archäologie in Brandenburg
Stefan Kim, Patrick Hahnel, Michael Mente u.a.

Rockmusik in der DDR
Interaktives, multimediales Ton- und Bildarchiv mit Spiel-
und narrativen Elementen
Natalie Gravenor

The CREATE Project
Constructivist Mixed Reality for Design, Education, and Cultural Heritage
Maria Roussou

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Diploma Thesis
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A tangible Interface that enables children to record, modify
and arrange soundsamples in a playful way.
Michael Wolf

Interationfield Public Space.
Analysis and categorization of interactive media projects
contributing to the revitalization of the public space.
Mirjam Struppek

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Lynn Hershmans Installationen
Silke Albrecht

When Hypertext became oncool
Notes on Power, Politics and the Interface
Henning Ziegler

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BEM - Bad Emser Medienkunsttage
Virtuelle Utopien - Grenzenlose Möglichkeiten?
Die Relevanz neuer Technologien in Kunst und Gesellschaft
Danièle Perrier, Ludwig Tavernier

MT0003 - International Forum Medienturm
Plattform für Medienkunst und Medientheorie.
Kooperation mit 'Graz 2003 - Kulturhauptstadt Europas'
Gunther Reisinger

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Koordinierung von Einsatzkräften
Jürgen Graf

nic-las /
Kollaboratives Labeling- und Schreibtool, das autopoetisch
funktioniert (vgl. Luhmanns Zettelkasten als Ausgangspunkt)
René Bauer, Joachim Maier

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