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Dear Sir, 

I am Uday Hussein the first son of The former Iraqi leader President Saddam
Hussein.I was priviledged to a lot of huge transactions during the reign of my
father before the outbreak of Iraq war and collapse of my father's
regime.Because of the imminent war and threat by the United States to freeze
all assets and funds of the Hussein family, which is already on the way, I
deposited the sum of US$45 MILLION as bond in a Security Finance Company. Right
now I am looking for a reliable, trustworthy and competent businessman who will
travel to Europe to lay claims to this funds on my behalf. This Funds was
gotten as a result of the  sales of petroleum to a French company allocated to

This funds was deposited in a Security Company in Europe  because of the war so
that It will not be frozen by American and British governments. Upon your
response showing your interest in assisting me, the said country in Europe will
be revealed to you. Presently, I am in Iraq in an undisclosed location for
security reasons where there is no telephone and fax communication for security

I have entrusted all the documents covering the transaction and the deposit to
my personal Attorney who is presently in South Africa. Show your interest by
contacting him on his email(
<>).  He will give you further directives as
regards the claims of the funds and you would be required to give to him a
letter of guarantee of trust to prove that the funds will be secured under your

You are to take 25% of the total sum for assitance,5% is mapped out for any
contingent expenses in the course of the transaction, while 70% will be for me.
If you are interested kindly contact my lawyer on the above email address and
feel free to deal  with him as it will not be safe for me to deal with you

I look forward to receiving updates from my lawyer as regards your cooperation.

May Allah Bless you! 
Uday Hussein.

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