porculus on Wed, 28 May 2003 17:46:08 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> matthew barney versus donkey kong

> Donkey Kong's myth of a man fighting a giant ape on a skyscraper has
>  its origin in the King Kong films. After being captured in the jungle

well merge this wiz matrix and his nemo ztaline seminarizt opus dei outfit
& ok to be a crabelouse of celphone az the multiplexed confessional of god
& appear for crashing a car wiz bare feet as some buttercup in dew & ho
marvel of marvel having the delicious new feeling to smash some cloned
hereticlks wiz parkmeterz is no more a real gift of the gift economy but a
god'one, cause when you could feel yourself az a new torquemada wiz
drealock executioner itz for new consubstanciality wiz jean paul 2 & euro
for vade retro $..ok ok ! in seeing matrix I feel good I feell so good, I
feel good in my skin of archange gabriel, az great as a computer aided
parkinson jean paul 2 saint george that kill the demon..ho marvel of
marvel..alleluia, allaouakbar ! when it is question to merge wiz kong I
have to say it till a road to hell, it'z a fail, cause wiz holy of holy
kong we all know what we are talking about, it was the original internet
prophecy, yez the real prophecy that brother & syster that would be
realized a day..i swear I swear we must having faith..but what news about
holy enlargement pills front ? in matrix I see abominable ascii art of my
arse ! so the fuck my god ! when the load will be really really complet ?
when I will be a celphonable kong with all my natural possibilities ? when
I could appear near a niz girl by his hand free celphone in a traffic jam
& smahing all the fucking car & metro & train wiz something really really
great ?.. must we do it ourself as usual or what ?

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