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<nettime> Re: Oeffentlichkeit des Sleipnir-Verfahrens

dear nettimers,

i am one of this permanent lurkers here <s>,

and very fond of reading some of your interesting
threaded discussions (e.g. the actual zizek debate).

but i want to draw your attention on the fact. that
andreas roehler (publisher auf sleipnir and "verlag
der freunde") got public forum here two times.

roehler'sites (sleipnir is online on about 4 or 5 hosts,
some links are dead already) have many links to
revisionism sites, his press realeases don't tell much
about the background of accusation and the hosting sites
of roehlers magazine are mostly extrem right-wing in content
and link-structure.

and i am sorry cause of my broken english. :-)



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