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<nettime> re: Oeffentlichkeit des Sleipnir-Verfahrens

dear serner,

you are absolutely right. there has been one response similar
to yours (but hidden in a digest), so we didn't do any further
comment on the issue (we did when it happened the first time).

i guess the most interesting question here, apart from "why
didn't nettime moderators notice they were approving nazi spam",
may be "what does roehler expect from posting to nettime". it is
well known that sleipnir has always been seeking coalitions with
some former "radical left", but i guess that in this case it's
really a dead end.

but let me state that neo-fascism in germany is far from being
some esoteric weirdo thing and that after two sleipnir messages
having been approved we should now have some reports from
brandenburg (the region surrounding berlin) or other parts of
eastern germany where neo-naziism has been the dominant youth
culture for years -- not only tolerated but supported by local
authorithies -- and the zero dot whatever percent of immigrants
live in a state of permanent terror that is hard to imagine.

sleipnir's public denial of the holocaust is still something
rare (since you go to jail if you do), but revisionism in
general has become an increasingly common practice in germany
during the nineties. the most prominent example was the "walser
debate" in 98 when german writer martin walser won the "peace
price of the german booksellers" and obtained standing ovations
for a speech that refered to auschwitz as a "moralkeule" (would
translate to "the baseball club of moralism") and denounced the
plans for a holocaust monument as a "soccerground-sized nightmare
in the center of berlin". german chancellor gerhard schroeder
later opposed to the latter by announcing he'd "like to see a
holocaust monument that people would enjoy to visit."

best, sebastian.

ps: this list needs more broken englishes!

> dear nettimers,
> i am one of this permanent lurkers here <s>,
> and very fond of reading some of your interesting
> threaded discussions (e.g. the actual zizek debate).
> but i want to draw your attention on the fact. that
> andreas roehler (publisher auf sleipnir and "verlag
> der freunde") got public forum here two times.
> roehler'sites (sleipnir is online on about 4 or 5 hosts,
> some links are dead already) have many links to
> revisionism sites, his press realeases don't tell much
> about the background of accusation and the hosting sites
> of roehlers magazine are mostly extrem right-wing in content
> and link-structure.
> and i am sorry cause of my broken english. :-)
> thanks,
> serner

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