Terrence J Kosick on Tue, 22 Feb 2000 01:26:25 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Silent Majority Goes On.

Terrence writes;

I applaud the Benneton ad campaign despite its connection to commerce. I think
if you have to spend millions on advertising fashion you might as well raise
awareness. It is cyclical. It can help not only the debate over capital
punishment but raise awareness in our communities. We tend to be a throw away
culture. Even with human life.

> Andrew Lampert wrote;
> I think the net and lists like these
> provide a conduit for original and sometimes inspired thinking and ideas.

Yes and I hope people are listening. Reviewing our own letters and becoming
active with our good ideas is important. Just how to do that can take a lot of
extra effort but worth it. Empowerment of digital culture is something worthy
to work towards actualization.

Perhaps an editations such as this are a good start.
ASCII Culture and the Revenge of Knowledge, Nettime (Editors) ut can it become
more active?

Something edited along the lines of community initiatives on a networked
streaming sites. An "Over Heard on the E-community" interactive comments board
would be a great start.

Terrence Kosick

Rinaldo Rasa wrote:

> Hello.
> Luciano and Oliviero Toscani are banned by the department
> store Sears in New York cos of the advertising "We on the
> death row". Both Clinton, Bush Jr. are strongly supporter
> of death penalty. Now the newspaper "Washington Post" has
> ironic article as "United killers of Benetton".
> http://cnn.com/2000/STYLE/fashion/01/04/benetton.reut/index.html
> http://www.benetton.com/index.cgi
> I note that Luciano Benetton is plannig to preserve the
> Fernanda Pivano's beat generation archive and constitute
> a beat foundation. Fernando Pivano was gotten to save his
> archive (previous she destined to be blazed).
> Alway amazed the death cult of the silent majority in
> the States.
> Saluti,
> Rinaldo.

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