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From: hc gilje <>

27-29 of april at Kampnagel in Hamburg:
The dance/video piece "joystick" with kreutzer_kompani 
(demodans + hc gilje) and subgud.
This piece premiered last year and has been reworked 
for the festival junge hunde.
The video is projected on the dancers and the floor, 
creating a continously changing space.

My setup: 1 powerbook running nato modular, 1 vcd player, a videoswitcher
and 3 projectors.
For images from the performance go to the project pages on my website
(projects:videonervous 2(joystick)).


.-.  .-. .-.  .-.


MicroMuseum 123 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY
Saturday April 29th

2:00 pm - Paik-Abe Screening

The Paik-Abe was the first analog video synthesizer.  It was designed and built by Nam June Paik and
engineer, Shuya Abe, in 1969.  We will be screening Jud Yalkut's historic tapes of the first
Paik broadcasts as well as early programs made on the Paik-Abe by Bill Etra, Carol Goss, Shalom Gorewitz,
Mary Ross and Reynold Weidenaar.

The festival program contains an essay on the history of the Paik-Abe at WGBH in Boston by George Fifield.

The "Paik-Abe Screening" will be followed by the fifth annual NOT STILL ART International Screening.
Abstract and non-narrative work from all regions of the US, plus programs from Moscow and India will be
screened.  Andrew Lyons is coming from Australia with 3D glasses to personally present his 3D computer

Following the screenings, there will be live media and music performance performance.  Artists from New
York, Boston, and Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute and Princeton U. will be performing
with a wide range of instruments - including custom video performance programs on the PC and the MAC.
This is a laboratory environment with art in the making.

3:00 pm - International Screening

Light Painting - Alex Potts
Phases - Marcus Young
The Altan Sand Counting Laboratory - Alison Cornyn
On the Presence of Water - Bret Battey
Some Like It Without Sugar - Andrej Gargarin, Julia Velikanova
VideoRenga: Haiku Poems for Pitsfield - N.K. Lean Young
Fantasy Apparition (excerpt) - Eleanor Harwood, Loren Chasse
64 Seconds in Georgia - William Brown
Bitstreaming - Patrick Lichty
Bringing in the New Year at Kutia Vali - Leith Murgai
Matrix Variant I - Stephan Larson
Photocopy Movie - Eric Prykowski
Waiting at the Foot of the Avanlanche - Erin Seymour
The Wobble Dobble Series - John Knecht
A Street  - Walter Wright
bin10sex  - Jose Carlos Casado
Realativity  - Carol Goss
Video for Your Head (excerpt) - Emile (Dr. T) Tobenfeld
Phoenix Crossing - Robert Drummond
Language Sign Duality is Asymmetrical - Andrej Velikanov, Julia Velikanova

5:00 pm - Dinner Break

7:00 pm - Live Media Performances

Schwarzchild, a 3D animated video with glasses will be introduced by Andrew Lyons

Carol Goss - video
Vanessa Bley - movement
Hayes Greenfield - saxophone

Labor: Humans Need Not Apply
Carol Goss - video / performance
Vanessa Bley - video / performance
Hayes Greenfield - saxophone
William Laziza - video
Laziza will demonstrate and perform with The Videograph, an interactive video instrument for making
dynamic graphic designs, and The Chromaphone, a visual zylaphone that shows wave form interrelationships.

Nick Fortunato - video from a custom programmed NATO MAC
Curtis Bahn - custom 5 string bass, electrical pickups and various computer controllers
Dan Trueman - 6 string electric violin, bow transmits performance information computer.

Elimination of Process
Maria Moran  - electronic music and sound manipulation
Walter Wright - Video Shredder



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