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>Janitors for Justice <>
>Tech's Janitors Rally for Wages
>by Leander Kahney
>4:30 p.m. Apr. 27, 2000 PDT

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the existence of malnourished and hungry people has been used 
repeatedly in this journal and elsewhere as a justification for 
biotechnology and for the production of more food. this assumption 
supports a main policy plank of the rockefeller foundation food 
biotechnology programme and other major interna-tional and charitable 
institutions. yet there are good reasons to be sceptical of the equation 
"more food equals less hunger". the world produces more than enough food 
at present to feed everyone, but never-theless many people still starve or 
are mal-nourished as economist and nobel laureate amartya sen has pointed 
out, it is poverty, not a physical shortage of food, that is the primary 
cause of hunger in the modern world

the political and economic reasons don't change: the amount of food that 
ireland, for example, exported to britain during the potato famine of 
1845-46 would have been sufficient to feed those who starved. 



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