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From: geert lovink <>  via `ultra amuzant`
Arun-Kumar Tripathi []

>The taming of the cyberculture by "click 'n mortal" businesses and their
>willing government executors took only a few years. The Net has been a
>successful financial gain for some and left behind a scattered scene of
>small enterprises, stagnating networks and dead links for most of the
>early participants. The time of institutionalization, mega mergers and
>security paranoia has arrived. These new conditions, driven by the current
>hyper growth, has a yet invisible effect on the cultural new media sector
>(arts, design, education), which had perceived itself for so long as
>"ahead of the wave". Whereas start-ups with youngsters are speeding up
>towards their IPO (Initial Public Offering) epiphany and eventual sell-out
>or bankrupcy, the cultural sector of the new media branch is in panic. The
>accumulated cultural capital now has to be safeguarded. Where to go with
>all these experimental interfaces, artistic interactive installations, 3D
>worlds, techno samples, rich alternative content, packed in databases,
>stored on CD-ROMs and web sites, not designed for the market in the first
>place? Now is the time to cash in, but the promised high value of
>so-called "cultural content" will be not rewarded any time soon, so it
>seems. Most money is still made with software, infrastructure and access,
>not with content.


1stly - Geert Lovink = 01 lo.tekk korporat fascist + religious 
        male <=> 01 majority of artists + art kritikx. 


kontent - the pattern in the investigation of matter has been 
the explanation of diverse substances as combinations of a number 
of simpler substances. diversity of form replaces diversity of substance. 

as more precise utensils are utilized it bekomes evident that 
there are more types of building blocks than initially suspekted.
this is the phase which high energy physics has entered.

splitting particles indefinitely one arrives at the conclusion
that there is only form - no kontent. the various features of the world
are explained in terms of the geometry of space time - geometrodynamic

mais ___..

if 2 clicks happen close enough in time they cannot be distinguished.
if a spot of ink is sufficiently small one can no longer see it.
hume - treatise of human nature [1739]
`put a spot of ink upon paper. fix your eye upon that spot.
 and retire to such a distance that at last you lose sight of it.
 `tis plain that the moment before it vanished the image or impression was
 perfektly indivisible`

space time = supplemented by 1 addtl dimension - scale




     N[>] IMF - the International Meme Fund
              - shear pathway to the core. 
              - promoting meme development. lokomotion. + reinvestment. 
              - meme sekurity + meme transaktions. [>] 

rekurrent exc!tat!on || 

             pro satisfacer le metro           

     0\   zve!te[z]!ztem

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