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[Nettime-ro] The state of the endangered body
Attila Tordai-S. on Wed, 31 Jan 2007 09:49:00 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] The state of the endangered body

pentru cei care se afla (sau o sa treaca) la Budapesta.
Trafo Gallery (1094 Budapest Liliom utca 41.)

30. January 2007. â 04.ÂMarch 2007.


Curator: Tordai S. Attila

Opening Ceremony: 7pm, 30. January, 2007.

States functioning according to the rules of parliamentary democracy hold elections every four years, when political parties apply for the role of leading the country. The best applications earn political power for the applicants, while the losers are forced into opposition, apparently excluded from the power discourse of politics. Opposition and ruling parties all talk in the name of the people. Which makes individuals start to live as âpeopleâ, a community only allowed to speak through its representatives. 

If political thinking disappears from the public sphere in any country, the whole of society becomes vulnerable. The apolitical stand of the citizen allows for political games designed to raise fear, and the sustaining of insecurity. Lately in Hungary, the defence of the body (or nation), the aversion of fear, the avoidance of pain have legitimated a series of security-campaigns and actions that frequently trespassed the law. All these shed light on one of the most important characteristics of the endangered body, that it is easily seduced by irrationality that leads to the abdication of self-reflexivity, and the decline in the positive experience of a community.

The exhibition presents the works of Ciprian Muresan (Rumania), Oliver Ressler (Austria) and Hito Steyerl (Deutschland). These works of art offer an opportunity to examine the relation of the individual and the community to the world of politics. 

The state of the endangered body (Hungary) is the starting point of a greater project, dealing with the vulnerable social sphere, with a special stress on last fallâs demonstrations in Budapest. Exhibited works do not treat the subject exhaustively; they rather offer strategies for its artistic approach by presenting relevant artistic positions. 


An Ideal Society Creates Itself

a presentation by Oliver Ressler

Thursday 15 February 2007, 6 pm 

The exhibtion is on view till 4 March, 2007. 

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