<nettime> community

<nettime> is a communication space by and for people to discuss networked cultures, policies, and tactics.

nettime-l is the original long-running discussion space, hosted on an email list. To participate, or just observe from the sidelines, simply subscribe with your email address.

tldr.nettime is a Mastodon instance for artists, researchers, and activists interested in exploring the intersections of technology, culture, and politics.

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The formation of <nettime> goes back to the spring of 1995. A first meeting called <nettime> was organized in June 1995, at the Venice Bienale, as a part of the Club Berlin event.

nettime-l, the email list itself, took off in the fall. A first published compilation appeared in January 1996, at the second Next Five Minutes event (the so-called ZKP series). The list organized its own conference in Ljubljana in May 1997, called 'The Beauty and the East'. A 556-page nettime anthology came out in 1999, entitled "Readme! ASCII Culture and the Revenge of Knowledge" (Autonomedia, New York, ISBN 1570270899).

Since then, <nettime> has provided a crucial, ongoing collective space for long-form discussion.