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[Nettime-nl] ASCII Agenda januari 2001

     ASCII Internetwerkplace presents:

              Januari 2001

    Linuxcourse - Hardware4girls - Workshops


On januari 15th our Linux course starts again. The course is aimed at beginners.
Subjects covered:
- Linux installation
- Working with the shell
- X-windows 
- Software for linux
The courses will be given on monday night, starting at 19:30. 
Date: 15-1 till 19-2 (six weeks). Costs: fl 75,-
More info: janneke@wagenstraat.squat.net

Computer Hardware 4 Girls

Have you never opened a computer before? Are you tired of having a boy 
telling you what to do? Do you prefer being in a computerclass with women
only? On January 24 starts the course "Computer Hardware 4 Girls". The Girls
at Ascii will teach you the basics of computer hardware and how to look
for answers. 

Course dates:	January 24 | 31 | February 7 2001.
Time and space:	19.30 - 22.00 at Ascii, Jodenbreestraat 24, Amsterdam. 
Price:		fl. 50,- (incl. reader, coffee/tea and a screwdriver) 
Language:	English
Info:		sara@genderchangers.org

Every tuesday night: workshops in ASCII
Free Entrance

Tu  9 januari: This little program written in C
Tu 16 januari: An introduction to Perl
Tu 23 januari: "..we cannot imagine someone needing more than 50 MHz."
Tu 30 januari: Why and how to make a website for you squat

Tu  9 januari: This little program written in C
  The mother of all programming languages: C. Most modern program languages 
  use C as the basis for their syntax. It's a very powerfull language,
  in which small programs can be quite usefull. Some people refuse to use 
  anything else. Today on of them will tell you why.

Tu 16 januari: An introduction to Perl
  Perl is a very powerfull scripting language, in which you can program 
  anything from a script to send mail from a website to a full sized 
  mailinglist manager. In this introduction, we'll show you some of the 
  benefits of Perl.

Tu 23 januari: "..we cannot imagine someone needing more than 50 MHz."
  ..in 1985 Amiga introduced what today is known as MultiMedia.It could play
  8-bit sounds in 4-channels,stereo and could display simultaniously 4096
  colors on the screen,playing animations and running several processes in
  the background at the same time,than introduced and today known as a
  multitasking.In those days IBM platforms had green and black displays and
  could do *blip* from an internal speaker.Not to mention their bloated and
  nonefficiant OSes.Amiga was designed from the ground up as a perfect blend
  of hardware and software and is extremly memory efficiant.Intuitive and
  fast GUI,audio and video capabilities quickly gained popularity in a video
  industry as well as in the home usage.It became best kept Holywood secret
  and a most popular gaming platform through late 80's and early 90's.Around
  2.5 million Amigas were sold till 1994 when Commodore went bankrupt,killing
  a dream of many people - to build a better computer.
  On 23. January we will demonstrate some of the capabilities of Amiga on a
  three different models: A500 from 1989 with 1 Mb memory running on a 7
  MHz Motorola 68000,A1200 with 64 MB running on Motorola 68060 50 MHz and
  A4000 with 120 Mb  running on 68040, 25 MHz equipped with 24-bit graphic
  card,TV card and audio card..a night of games,demos and some serious
  programs..a night of having a great fun and rebooting from time to
  time..;-)..join us.

Tu 30 januari: Why and how to make a website for you squat
  When squatting a building, making a website about it might not be your first
  priority. But why not? Writing a letter to the neighbours is generally
  considered a good thing. Why not make some publicity for yourself on the net?
  Workshop contents:
  - Why make a website? Introduction, overview of existing websites, history.
  - Squat!net: a webserver for your homepage?
  - A practical howto. Hands-on introduction on making a homepage.

More information about the workshops:  jaap@squat.net / janneke@squat.net.

ASCII Internetworkplace
Jodenbreestraat 24
1011 NK Amsterdam


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