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1...Osterhase.............Operation Osterhase
2...Le Monde Diplomatique.April 1998
3...Bram Dov Abramson.....Videazimut: Virtual Conference
4...micz flor.............CRASH MEDIA - call#2 call for support- 28 04 98
6...V2....................ParaSounds2 - Wiretap 4.04
7...MediaFilter...........Kosovo Update from Balkan.Monitor
8...A SEED looking for....a new office team member
9...Richard Barbrook......Cyber.Salon 5 <22/4/98>


Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 23:19:47 -0400
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Subject: Operation Osterhase
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Back to the Future, or The BBS Strikes Back!

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   Over and Out,
   Lt. Crack, aka Osterhase


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Subject: April 1998
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<I cut out all the non-star-marked articles ... (i.e. those available for
paid subscribers only) ... if you want the entire text, send an email to - fokky>


                                                    LE MONDE DIPLOMATIQUE

                           Le Monde diplomatique

                              english edition

                                 April 1998

                        edited by Wendy Kristianasen


  Neo-fascism *

      by Ignacio Ramonet

     Much has been written about the crisis of the left which followed
     the events that brought the post-war period to a close. But not
     enough has been said about a similar collapse of the right. In
     France, there has been a failure of policies leading to a massive
     loss of confidence and an explosion of social ills. With the
     dangerous results that were seen on 20 March.

                                                  Translated by Ed Emery


  Unemployment hits Southeast Asian migrant workers *

      by Solomon Kane and Laurent Passicousset

     The South East Asian crisis has made victims of several million
     immigrant workers. They are the first to pay the price of
     mismanagement by the governments that invited them and of the
     carelessness of the companies that employed them. Yet the countries
     of the region continue to compete with each other to export
     unskilled labour and increase their foreign currency revenues.

                                         Translated by Malcolm Greenwood


  France, an unforgivable exception *

      by Thomas C. Frank

     The US press boasts of the importance it gives to the facts. Yet
     the media's treatment of international affairs often serves merely
     to demonstrate the benefits of the American way of life and the
     head-in-the-sand nature of those who refuse to follow it, notably
     France. The left's electoral victory and the government's refusal
     to follow in the footsteps of Washington's would-be Gulf warriers
     have added to the media's complaints about this most vexatious

                                                Original text in English


  Bloodshed and bargaining in Kosovo

      by Jean-Arnault Derens and Sébastien Nouvel

     The elections of 22 March 1998 have seen the crisis in Kosovo enter
     a new phase. Although the elections were "illegal" and many had
     called for them to be boycotted, there was a huge turnout. Ibrahim
     Rugova was re-elected "president" and his Democratic Alliance of
     Kosovo (DAK) gained a majority in "parliament". This outcome is in
     keeping with the negotiations that Serbia is apparently willing to
     embark on. However, fresh outbreaks of violence and the extreme
     right's involvement in the Belgrade government leave a question
     mark over the future.

  From integration to rebellion *

                                              Translated by Julie Stoker


  Jobs: it's all only make-believe *

      by Anne-Cecile Robert

     The United States and United Kingdom are constantly praising the
     advantages of work flexibility, claiming that it creates jobs,
     while, they say, the rigid continental European system "prefers"
     unemployment. Looked at more closely, however, the British approach
     is less than exemplary. Quite apart from often fudging the figures
     and ignoring demographic data, it represents a severe step
     backwards in terms of wages and social welfare.

                                          Translated by Francisca Garvie

     (*) Star-marked articles are available to every reader. Other
     articles ar available to paid subscribers only.

     Yearly subscription fee: 24 US $ (Institutions 48 US $).


       For more information on our English edition, please visit


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Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 02:04:09 -0500
From: Bram Dov Abramson <>
Subject: Videazimut: Virtual Conference
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			Virtual Conference:
 The Right to Communicate and the Communication of Rights
        	      11 May - 26 June 1998

Videazimut is an international NGO that brings together independent video
and television organizations and practitioners from Africa, Asia, Europe,
Latin America and North America around an agenda for the democratization of
communication -- an essential component of sustainable development and
democratic society. 1998 marks the 50th anniversary of the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights.  In its declaration of principles, Videazimut
aligns itself with a growing consensus on the right to communicate as a
fundamental human right.

We are therefore holding a Virtual Conference from May 11 to June 26, 1998,
aimed at generating and disseminating fresh thinking on communication and
human rights.  Held in conjunction with the International Development
Research Centre (Canada) and the Canadian International Development Agency
and with the assistance of meep! media, this Virtual Conference is our
contribution to the community of events marking the UDHR’s 50th
anniversary.  You are invited to take part in the Virtual Conference.

Participants are asked to join one of five working groups over a 5-week
period.  In each working group, 1-3 short papers will be circulated each
Tuesday morning, forming the basis for the following week’s discussion.
Discussion will take place over e-mail -- filtered through moderators to
avoid information overload -- supplemented by a WWW resource with
conference papers and archives of the discussion.

Participants will receive *no more than* two e-mail digests daily.  A
weekly summary will be posted each Monday afternoon, for those who have not
been able to keep up, before passing to the next topic.

The working groups:
(1) legal perspectives
(2) institutional perspectives
(3) gender perspectives
(4) cultures of globalization: perspectives
(5) civic education and public memory: perspectives.

A plenary session will happen during the final week.

Further details, including speakers, will be found at our web site:
<>.  You can also e-mail Bram Dov
Abramson, who is acting as coordinator, at <>.

Our web site will be open as of FRIDAY, 17 APRIL.  A second announcement
will be sent at that time.

The Virtual Conference’s official languages are English, Spanish, French.
All participants may submit their comments in any of these languages, with
the help of a volunteer translation team.


From: micz flor <>
Subject: CRASH MEDIA - call #2
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Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 12:42:47 +0100


         _______                       __
        /   ___ \____________    _____|  |__
       /    \  \/\_  __ \__  \  /  ___/  |  \
       \     \____|  | \// __ \_\___ \|   |  \
        \________/|__|  (______/______\___|__/
            _____              ___ __
           /     \   ____   __| _/|__|____
          /  \ /  \_/ __ \ / __ | |  \__  \
         /    |    \  ___// /_/ | |  |/ __ \_
         \____|____/\_____\_____| |__(______/

                C R A S H   M E D I A #2

        Where Media Reaches its Critical Mass

                call for contributions


  !*!*!*! Issue 2's 'Extra Special' section: !*!*!*!
  !*!*!*!                                    !*!*!*!
  !*!*!*!         MEDIA & ETHNICITY          !*!*!*!

Beyond the Electronic Frontier - a Wilderness?
   Transistor Culture/Cultural Transistors
         Penny Papers - Media Spaces in the Semiopolis
            Mutiny on the Mouse Pad
               Galleries Without Walls
                  Set Top Semtex

'Disorienting Rhythms' for MTV Dervishes
   The New Obedience: Unbundling Consumer Tactics
      My Mate Murdoch
         Not the 9 o'clock Views
            Trans-Asia Express
               All the Fun of the Glare
                  Cornershops for A-Centred Living



Crash Media is bracing itself for the launch of its
second print issue - another shotgun publishing escapade.
Crash Media is a publication with a split personality;
part tabloid newspaper and part website, complete with
discussion threads and a low-interference editorial
policy. [Feel free to enter the online debate at any
moment and be prepared to find your statement in print.]
Right now we are calling for contributions for the next
print issue to be released as in the middle of May.

      *.gif *.txt *.wav *.ra *.doc *.pic

Deadline for contributions: 30th of April '98 !!!

Crash Media is (looking at) independent media practice;
taking media criticism off the bookshelf and stacking it
on the flyer table. Find Tech/Specs on CM and
contributions below.


  !*!*!*! Issue 2's 'Extra Special' section: !*!*!*!
  !*!*!*!                                    !*!*!*!
  !*!*!*!         MEDIA & ETHNICITY          !*!*!*!

Issue 2 will also include the following permanent
sections(->Medium Roast, ->Culture Club, ->Under The
Needle, ->Access Denied, ->Balzac Nation, ->Strangeways).

Contributions in many guises required: deep undercover
analyses, sub-cutaneous cuts, bi-lateral dissections,
polemics for the hard of reason, trinkets for the virtual
mantelpiece, eye-sores for the foot-sore, nectar for the
hive mind, befuddlement for conspiracists, personal
highlights and urban low-lights.

In other words: articles, logos, interviews, artwork,
reviews, literature, listings, cartoons and info-blips.

We favour text within the 500 to 800 word limit - and we
envy the capacity to make a strong point with 200 words!
Scans should be 300dpi and stuffed, send as attachments
(MAC or PC) - stamp-based mail is just as good. Currently
we are not able to pay contributors. Every contributor
will receive ten copies of Crash Media.



Crash Media has been published in print as a free, bi-
monthly tabloid, since the middle of March. Printed on
tabloid paper, each issue has a print run of 5,000. Crash
Media is based in Salford/Manchester and London (UK).
Each issue consists of 12 pages. Crash Media is being
distributed intensively in the North West of England and
London, and selectively world-wide. We are also open to
any suggestions for worthwhile locations.

Crash Media is a joint venture, defining the agenda of
the 'Revolting' media lab in Manchester/Salford UK in
Aug/Sept (temp URL:,
Salford University and 'Skyscraper Digital Publishing'.

Crash Media is extended through a digital forum.
Threads generated in Crash Media on-line will be
selectively reprinted in the next issue. The public
access server in Manchester/ Salford will be set up over
the next few weeks and will host Crash Media - URL will
follow shortly, any domain name suggestions welcomed.

!! To receive a free print copy of Crash Media within
!! the UK, send a 1st class stamped and self addressed
!! A4 or A5 envelope to the below address.



Micz Flor, Josephine Berry

Crash Media
University of Salford
Art and Design Technology Research Unit
Peru Street
UK-Salford M3 6EQ

fax: +44.171.6134052


Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 16:44:12 +0200 (MET DST)
From: ecoropa <>
To: recipients names suppressed
Subject: final call for support- 28 04 98


Paris 10th April 1998

Dear friends,

You will find enclosed an almost definitive programme for the two days of
action against the MAI :

        1. The pre-programme of the 28th of April, today in french, next
week in english, we hope you will recognised the speakers since the
spelling of their names is the same in both languages...
For a better understanding, be aware that the afternoon schedule is planned
as follow :
It will start at 15h30 by a presentation by speakers who will be
identifying the actors, and institutions of the globalisation (see speakers
list below).

Then everybody, we are expecting at LEAST a 1500 people crowd during the
afternoon, will break to the numerous forums and debates organised around
the MAI (MAI and democracy, MAI and humans rights, etc... ) (see list

During the whole afternoon, artists will create visual, musical, etc...
activities, so that it will be very alive...Organic food stands  are also
planned. Of course there will be stands for people who wants to present
their activities, please let us now ASAP if you need one.

The peak of the afternoon, will be the presentation of the Charter against
MAI NTM and the neo-liberal agression, which will be signed by the
co-organisers of the events and individuals.

After that, around 20h00 pm, a human chain will be formed around the OECD
as a symbolic reminder of the  150 th anniversary of the second abolition
of the slavery.
OECD representing the new 'Master' against whom the peoples are fighting...
We hope to be live for the TV news.
That is all for the day. I hope this short memo gives you an idea of what
is being planned.

Important :

 Please confirm ASAP whether you are planning or not to come. The deadline
for your organisation to be listed as co-organiser is tuesday 12th of
April, at 13h00 GMP. Be there or be square !

        2. 29th of April.

A strategy meeting will be organised. Room is secure. Objectives : next
steps against MAI and NTM, and more...

Etienne Vernet
Thierry David
Jen-Michel Isabel


15h30 : Ouverture, Spectacle

16h00:  A la tribune :


Intervenants :

        Michel Chossudovski
                - Canadien, francophone, professeur d'iconomie ` Ottawa,
spicialiste des institutions internationales (FMI, BM, OMC...), dernier
livre paru : + Globalisation of poverty ;.

        Susan George
                - Prisidente de l'Observatoire de la Mondialisation,
co-prisidente du Transnational Institute, membre de l'International Forum
on Globalisation, chercheur, dernier livre paru : + La Suisse aux enchhres

        Agnhs Bertrand
                - Activiste, secritaire ginirale d'Ecoropa-France,
spicialiste du GATT et de l'OMC, membre de l'International Forum on
Globalisation et de l'Observatoire de la Mondialisation.

16h30 :         Spectacle

17h00 : Forums iclatis sur les digats et les consiquences :


Animateurs du forum :

        Christian de Brie
                - Professeur de droit ` Paris VIII.

        Moustapha Gueye
                - Coordination Nationale des Sans-Papiers


Animateurs du forum :

        Claire Villiers
                - Agie ensemble contre le chtmage

        Jean-Christophe Chaumeron
                - Fidiration Finances CGT


Animateurs du forum :

        Jean-Henri Roger
                - Sociiti des Rialisateurs de Films

        Jack Ralite
                - Sinateur maire d'Aubervilliers


Animateurs du forum :

        Girard Lambert
                - Groupe Ecolo-Belge

        Frangois Dufour
                - Confidiration Paysanne

18h00 : Spectacle

18h30 : A la tribune :


Intervenants/TRIBUNE (6 mn) :

        Jean-Claude Amara
                - Droits Devant
        Maude Barlow et Tony Clarke
                - Conseil des Canadiens, co-auteurs du dernier livre paru :
+ l'AMI un danger pour la souveraineti canadienne. ;
        Annick Coupi
                - SUD PTT
        Nasser Mansouri
                - secteur iconomique et social de la CGT
        Chantal Aumeran
                - SNUI (syndicat national unifii des Imptts)

19h30 : A la tribune :




Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 11:26:26 -0400
Precedence: bulk
From: ABROECK@V2.NL (by way of rachel greene)
Subject: RHIZOME_RAW: ParaSounds2 - Wiretap 4.04

................... 'Sounds of Silence' .....................
....................... Wiretap 4.04 ........................
An exhibition and performance program on sound art, antennas
and listening to silence.
We experience silence when our ears don't hear anything. But
there is no reason to believe that there are no sounds in
silence - just as our eyes can only perceive a limited spectrum
of waves as optical information, our ears are only sensitive to
a small part of what there is to hear.
Machines are less limited in this. They can be pitched to pick
up all sorts of waves and sounds and to transform them and make
them audible for the human ear. Artists and scientists use all
sorts of apparatuses in order to research the aesthetical and
the physical dimensions of the so called 'silence' and 'white
noise' and to make them perceivable to the human senses.
.................... dates and program ......................
Friday April 17 1998
18.00 hrs: opening exhibition.

Saturday April 18 untill May 2
daily from 13.00 hrs untill 18.00 hrs (Monday closed):
Installation: 'Aeriology' by Joyce Hinterding.

Sunday April 19
from 14.00 hrs untill 17.00 hrs:
Wiretap 4.04: 'The Wardenclyffe Project': performance by
Projekt Atol/Rastermusic and a presentation by Marko Peljhan
on the project Makrolab previously presented at the documenta
X in Kassel.

V2_Building - Eendrachtsstraat 10 - 3012 XL - Rotterdam
Entrance exhibition: fl 2,50
Entrance Wiretap 4.04: fl 7,50
Info: 31.10.404.6427 -

..................... Exhibition .......................
Joyce Hinterding 'Aeriology'

Aeriology is an aerial, several kilometres in length, an energy
gatherer, a reconfigurer of subtle fields. Aeriology is a
project for an unfolding of the ethereal. A machine for the
techne of the imperceptible. Form in the nature of a coil
expands the possibilities for an art concerned with lines,
flows and folds. These harmonising coils reveal through
sympathetic amplification activity of the unseen.

Over 34 kilometres of wire wrap around the steel columns in the
V2_ space to form an energy gatherer. A huge, semi-transparent
wall of copper that is stimulated by imperceptible activities
of the environment. The signals and waves that the installation
picks up are fed into an audio system and are thus made audible
for the human ear. An oscilloscope (with a video/data out)
monitors the output of the antenna, while a surveillance camera
tracks the movement and human interference in the
electromagnetic environment.
Images from both the oscilloscope and from the camera are
projected onto the walls of the exhibition space.

Based in Sydney Australia Joyce Hinterding is a cross media
artist producing and exhibiting works that explore dynamics.
Her work develops and makes strange with natural phenomena as a
means of examining some of the states that exist between things.
Through explorations with acoustic and electrical phenomena she
has been developing a delirious technology, one that gives a
voice to the unquantifiable nature of the everyday world.

Projekt Atol / Rastermusic/Noton 'The Wardenclyffe Project'

Projekt Atol (Marko Peljhan and Aljosha Abrahamsberg (Slo)) and
Rastermusic/Noton (Carsten Nicolai, Frank Bretschneider, Olaf Bender
(D)) research possibilities to scan and braodcast information
and signals within large communication systems.

Marko Peljhan -
Rastermusic/Noton -

Wardenclyffe is a town on Long Island in upstate New York
where researcher and inventor Nikola Tesla etsablished an
experimental station for a so-called 'world system' in 1900.
This 'world system' not only was supposed to create the
possibility of wireless transmission of energy to any place
in this world, but also to work as a worldwide communication
and information system accessible for everybody. The
experimental station was never fully finished and was given
up on and torn down for lack of money after six years.

The Parasounds series

'Parasounds' is a series of programmes organised by
V2_Organisation Rotterdam which explore the subliminal
soundscape. 'Parasounds' presents sonic phenomena of the
contemporary environment which lie, in one way or the other,
'beyond' what we usually hear and perceive. The programmes look
at various aspects of the relations between the natural and
technological environment, science, society and the way in
which artists are working with such phenomena. 'Parasounds'
traces a continuing tendency by artists to move away from the
creation of images towards an experience of the world through
sound events. The first installment of 'Parasounds' was
presented in November 1997 under the title 'Roots and Wires:
Polyrhythmic Cyberspace and the Black Electronic'. Other parts
of the series - 'Sounds from the Outside', 'Sounds from the
Inside' - are due to follow later in 1998.


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 05:06:23 -0500
From: (MediaFilter)
Subject: Kosovo Update from Balkan.Monitor
Message-ID: <>

The KOSOVO issue on Nettime was drowned out in a
heated debate by Nationalists and Escapists...
No reason to ignore the realities of the brutality
in Kosovo because it may not be in your backyard...
Be informed!

The latest issue of the Balkan Media and Policy Monitor
presents a reasoned account of the conflict from the
point of view of the Independent Media from the region,
translated into English.

The following is a list of contents from Issue 59-60,
now online at:


Events in Kosovo:

            The current conflicts and problems of this
            province are analyzed by:

            - Shkelzen Maliqi from Pristina for a "AIM"

            - Fehim Rexhepi on the internal situation
              within key Albnain party for "Nezavisni"

            - Arben Krasniqi on student protests in
              Pristina for "AIM"

            - Ibrahim Mehmeti from Skopje on
              reactions in Macedonia for "AIM"

            - Heni Erceg for "Feral Tribune" with a view
              from Croatia

            - Roksanda Nincic for "Vreme" on the
              negotiation prospects

            - Dejan Anastasijevicz on the political
              background of recent violence for

            - Slobodan Inic on Milosevic's Kosovo
              policy and international role in the
              negotiations for "Nezavisni"

            - Slavisa Maric from Pristina on the return
              of schools to Albanians for "AIM;"

            - Zoran B. Nikolic for "Vreme" on the
              formation of an Albanin negotiation
              advisory group

            - Besim Abazi for "AIM" on the Albnian
              view of Milosevic's political stance

            - "BETA" news agency on the Serbian
              referendum on Kosovo

     The Balkan Media and Policy Monitor is a News Digest
     in English which has been online since May 1, 1995
     and has been acclaimed by the Encyclopedia Brittanica
     as one of it's primary sources on the Balkans Conflict.



Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 17:37:18 +0100
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7BIT
Subject: A SEED  Europe is looking for....a new office team membe
Priority: normal
X-Mailer: Pegasus Mail for Win32 (v2.54)
Sender: geert
Precedence: bulk
X-Freeteam: dif-eu

Ander Europa lijst

                   A SEED Europe is looking for
a rational ,candid, patient, active,creative, sensible, practical,
honest, philosophical, financially brilliant, political, gentle, self-
  confident, devoted, supportive, poetic, decisive, original, co-
operative, reliable, brave, straightforward, sweet, inspiring computer-
literate, elegant, persistent, informed,  motivated, action-oriented,
                    engaged and enraged person:


A SEED Europe is the European part of a global network of activists
and groups active on issues of environment, justice, solidarity,
globalisation and diversity. A SEED organises campaigns that encourage
people to get active inall these areas. The last months we have been
concentrating on the HOT SPRING campaign which focuses on the negative
consequensces of economic globalisation for nature and people all over
the world.

The facilitating office of the A SEED Europe network is based in
Amsterdam. From there the network is fed with information through
ROOTS (monthly newsletter), HOT SPRING Update (calendar of
activities), SEEDlinks (quarterly magazine), the website (visit it at and various other publications. At the
Amsterdam office, we also work on fund-raising, maintaining the
database and organising events to keep the network strong and kicking.

Every 6 months we organise an activist gathering/General Meeting (next
one in Bulgaria in July) or large gatherings (last one the Alternative
Summit in Amsterdam in June 1997, parallel to the EU Summit). At the
general meeting an overall strategy will be set for the next nine

At the moment, six people from all over the world are working in the
office. Together they are responsible to keep the network going. We
are looking for a new person to strengthen the current team for at
least one year. This person will share in all the responsibilities of
the team.

The team plays an active role in the direction of A SEED on a European
as well as an international level. Together with the council (or
'board' consisting at the moment of 6 people from all over Europe) the
office team is responsible for putting the outcomes of the general
meetings into practice.

If you speak and write English, are (preferably!) younger than 30 ,
have experience in organising events, have experience with financial
issues such as fundraising and bookkeeping, and have some knowledge of
the European activist and NGO movement in this field, we are
interested in your application. Another requirements is that you are
up to date in environment/development issues and believe that we can
change the world through action.

Unfortunately we can only employ someone that doesn't need a visum for
the Netherlands. Please send in a 1 to-2 page application letter plus
a detailed statement of your motivationton to the A SEED office as
soon as possible but before April 20, applicants will be notified in
the first week of May.

We hope to hear from you !
The A SEED Europe office team.

A SEED Europe
PO Box 92066
1090 AB Amsterdam
tel: 31-20-668-2236
fax: 31-20-665-0166
                      P.O.Box 92066
                1090 AB Amsterdam               The Netherlands
                                    tel. +31 20 6682236
                            fax +31 20 6650166


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 18:47:42 +0200
Mime-Version: 1.0
X-Priority: 1 (Highest)
From: (Richard Barbrook)
Subject: Cyber.Salon 5 <22/4/98>

Telepolis &
Hypermedia Research Centre


'Women and Technology'

Speakers: Eva Pascoe (Cyberia, The Independent)
Caroine Bassett (cultural commentator)

Pauline van Mourik Broekman (Mute)

7pm to 11pm
Wednesday 22nd April

(basement of Cyberia)
39 Whitfield St

entrance free

be there early!


Cyber.Salon 5: Women and Technology

The last few years have seen an explosion of activity in
the re-formulating of women's relationship to
technology. Authors such as Donna Haraway and
Sadie Plant have famously re-written this relationship as
one of possibility and ambiguity, offering us images of
'hopeful monsters' and 'wired_women' in place of the
submissive, technologically threatened and eco-
oriented protagonists of earlier feminisms. Instead of
enslavement by, submission to, or incomprension of
technology, we are now faced with images of
liberation through 'productive couplings' with it. Instead
of women domesticating the offshoots of militarism,
providing the friendly, homespun face to products that
are anything but, women are now the non-innocent,
and active, users of it. Some even argue for a 'natural'
empathy between woman and machine - both
operating as counters in early computer history, both
increasingly autonomous from men, and both perfectly
suited to an era of erratic schedules, multi-tasking and

Although it may have received a large share of
attention, this explosion of activity is in no way restricted
to the realms of theory. The work of female
programmers, multi-media and information-designers,
employees (and CEOs) of technology companies and
moderators of women/girl lists and zines have
incorporated technology into their lives in a way that
conspicuously illustrates the tower-of-texts that has
been published on the subject. Yet, to this list should be
added the thousands of tele-operators, chip-installers
and female hi-tech workers that 'man' sundry
information desks, production lines and data-banks that
make the global economy tick at ever greater speeds,
and whose circumstances place a big question mark
over the notion of a hopeful (cyber)feminist future.

Cyber.Salon 5 wants to take another look:

Eva Pascoe, Caroline Bassett and - chair - Pauline van
Mourik Broekman will discuss the day-to-day
relationships of Women and Tech, aswell as some of the
principal ideas behind contemporary re-formulations of
their relationship ( cyberfeminism).

Possible topics include:

-Tele-working: Audi-ad or hi-tech prison?
-Women-only lists/zines: Exclusion or Inclusion?
-In Tele-communities: from Ideal Home to Ideal Host?
-The feminisation of work: who wins?
-Glass ceilings: who wants to break through them?
-Appropriate technology: who *really* need modems?


Forthcoming Cyber.Salons

Wednesday 20th May: Beyond the Californian Ideology with Peter Lunenfeld and
Korinna Patelis


Coming Soon: <> the Cyber.Salon website and on-line
conference space




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