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2...rachel baker..........ART OF WORK
3...Donald Weightman......STANDARDS mailing list
4...A. Cinque Hicks.......1998 Internet Workshop for
                          Developing Countries
5...Yael for entries
6...Linda - call for entries
7...Convergence...........Call for papers
8...emaf..................European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck
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Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 20:31:18 +0200
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Subject: Net-Symposium
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INFOWAR. information.macht.krieg
Linz, Austria, september 07 - 12


the Ars Electronica Festival would like to announce, that this years

INFOWAR Net-Symposium will start on April 15 1998.

An in-depth discussion of the festival theme on the Internet as an additional
feature of the program leading up to the Ars Electronica Symposium in Linz took
place for the first time in 1996. The 1996 netsymposia "Memesis" as well as the
1997 "FleshFactor" online discussion served not only as a highly stimulating
environment encouraging an exchange of ideas, but also as an opportunity to
prepare conceptual approaches and to define views more sharply.

In accordance with the multilayered nature of this year's topic INFOWAR, we
planning to take another step forward and break out of the linear form of the
discussion forum. Thus, in contrast to prior netsymposia, three experts have
been invited to serve as moderators and to facilitate the discussion of the
topic's key issues:
The moderators are media theoretician Dr. Friedrich A. Kittler from Berlin,
Dutch media activist and theorist Geert Lovink and Austrian armament
Dr. Georg Schoefbaenker.

Furthermore, in order to provide participants with in-depth background infor-
mation in preparation for the symposia, a comprehensive collection of material
is being assembled and being made available on the Web.

You have three choices - you can either subscribe to the English or to the
German or to both mailing lists. The Webpage containing the discussion will
have threads in both languages.

For more detailed informations and subscription forms for the mailing lists
please check

   to (un)subscribe InfoWar just mail to (message text 'subscribe'/'unsubscribe')
   for the English list or to (message text 'subscribe'/'unsubscribe') or
   for the German list.
  send messages to


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 19:23:09 +0000
From: rachel baker <>
Subject: ART OF WORK

ART OF WORK - lecture and workshop

speaker : Rachel Baker of *bakersimonson and sons* - Human Resource
Managment Consultants


The logic of HR is exemplified in new strategies in office architecture.
The HR consultant advises that workplace architecture caters for
purposefully 'informal' spaces like the corridor leading up to the
coffee machine area. This is  where groups of employees from other
divisions are most likely to congregate and dicuss in a spontaneous
way. "We are creating more open spaces for teams where people can
interact in an impromptu fashion", boasts a company personnel manager.
Management has caught on to the idea that gossiping and aimless
hanging around constitute some of the most creative and inspirational
moments for a human being. Ideas and intellectual capital must be optimised
and  all personal, autonomous creativity utilised in the
service of maximum financial capital and profit.

ART OF WORK workshops

Art Of Work is a workshop designed to encourage a reversal of the Human
Resource Management logic - instead of harnessing  idle creativity and play
for productivity at the workplace, exploit the workplace in the service of
useless artmaking.

i.e  - 'Work Resource Mismanagement for Humans'

WRM encourages employees to utilise work resources i.e databases, reports,
memos, franking machines, tape + video recordings, and so on, taking them
out of the workplace and redirecting them into other realms

"keep work and life seperate"

Workshop N0.1 ---- Sunday 19th April ---- Backspace
                                          Clink St
			                  London Bridge
				          Tel 0171 234 0804

Workshop NO.2 ---- Friday 24th April ---- Cybercircus
 					  LoveBytes Festival

Workshop N0.3 ---- Sunday 10th  May ---- Backspace
                                         Clink St
			                 London Bridge
				         Tel 0171 234 0804

Workshop NO.4 ---- Friday  22nd May  ---- Viper Festival

------------------------bakersimonson & sons---Financial Advisors-------------
tel:0181 6719007
fax:0171 234 0804
add:109 Corbyn St Finsbury Park London N4 3BX


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 16:05:50 -0400 (EDT)
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From: Donald Weightman <dweightman@Radix.Net>
Subject: Reannouncement on STANDARDS mailing list
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This is a repeat of an  announcement that has gone out earlier to other
friends and mailing lists.

The first para should be read to include an HTML lite-humor-alert.

Interested in the issues around US v. MSFT? Care to name-drop on the the
relative insitutional merits of OSI and TCP/IP? Want to be able to wow your
friends by handicapping the  technical issues for  Netscape's open source
code strategy? Then you may be interested in STANDARDS.


The STANDARDS list is a closed, private list for the discussion of selected
readings in the political economy of technical standards, especially the
communications and interoperability standards that are the glue of the
Internet. The only differences between STANDARDS and the usual mailing list
discussion groups are that it is meant to be built around the readings, and
that  only subscribers may post. Thus STANDARDS is "closed" -- but only to
filter by asking participants to acknowledge that it _is_ centered around
the readings.

"Real life", on-line, and other experiences, and examples from technical
disciplines are welcome subjects, as long as they relate to the readings.
(And, of course, to the issues the readings raise.) So, for example, an
argument  relating Microsoft's use of the DOS/Windows standards to the
antitrust policies described in the readings would be very much on topic,
but a generalized anti-Microsoft rant would not.STANDARDS it will be
archived on the Web, and if the discussion takes off I hope there will be
lots of cross-pollination with this List discussion and others.

To subscribe to the STANDARDS list send an email to

with the following message

	subscribe standards <YOUR EMAIL>

The reading list can be found on the Web, at




You can also get the reading list, as an emailed (MIME-attached) ASCII
file, from the STANDARDS listowner, Donald Weightman. Send an email to

with the word SYLLABUS in the subject line.

Most of the readings should be available at a good university or research
library. However, because not all of them may be available to interested
parties after a good faith effort, a set may be obtainable by a samizdat
(copy once and pass on) distribution chain. For more information, send an
email message to

with the word SAMIZDAT in the subject line.

More details on the Web part will be announced later, with one part to be
at Legalminds, and eventually an archive, probably at


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 17:56:37 -0500
From: "A. Cinque Hicks" <>
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Subject: 1998 Internet Workshop for Developing Countries
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***   1998 Internet Workshop For Developing Countries ***

The Internet Society (ISOC), has announced it 6th Network Technology
Workshop For Countries in the Early Stages of Internet working. The
workshop is scheduled to take place between July 11 and 19, 1998.

For the first time ever, the workshop will take place simultaneously in
Geneva, Switzerland and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and will be conducted in
English, French and Spanish.

The focus of the workshop is to assist countries that are either not yet
connected to the Internet or are in the process of developing or enhancing
an initial national Internet.

More than 900 graduates or previous workshops have performed a vital role
in setting up Internet connections and networked in virtually every
country that has connected to the Internet during the past five years.

The workshop are and outgrowth of experiences of five similar workshops
held during 1993-1997 at Stanford University, USA; Czech Technical
University in Prague, Czech republic; University of Hawaii, USA; McGill
University, Montreal, Canada, and Petronas Training Center, Kuala Lumpur,

Source: Internet Society. For further information, contact: Carla
Rosenfeld, Manager of Conferences, by sending an e-mail to
<> or send enquiries by post to 1998 Workshop Info,
Internet Society, 12020 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 210, Reston, VA,
20191-3429, U.S.A. Tel: +1 703 648 9888;  Fax: +1 703 648 9887


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 22:26:33 +0000
From: Yael Kanarek <>
Organization: Treasure Crumbs
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Subject: call for entries
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I've offered on Rhizome to compile a worldly database of
Publication/Galleries involved with new media/performace/electronic art
for the service of art community.

If you have information to add to this database please fill in the form
and send it to

Yael Kanarek

+ + +

Contact Person:




Comments (70 words):

+ + +



 A Treasure Crumbs Production >>>>>>>>>>>
 *    [yours 4ever]  ||| |  ||


     - call for entries
              Wed, 15 Apr 1998 13:06:30 +0000
              Linda Wallace <>
              machine hunger

D.ART, Sydney, Australia, June 1998


* experimental digital film, digital video and computer animation art

Sydney Intermedia Network's (SIN) has replaced its highly acclaimed
MATINAZE, annual festival of Australian screen arts (1991-1997) with, SIN's new annual international showcase of experimental digital
film, digital video and computer animation art. will premiere at the
45th Sydney Film Festival, Sydney, Australia, June 1998. (Next year's
event will include CD-ROM and internet projects.)

works should be innovative/experimental in aesthetic and
'narrative'.  works must have been produced either entirely within the
digital domain OR involve digital manipulation.  works must have been
completed after January 1997 (ie, within the past fifteen months).

AUS$20 (or free to current financial members of SIN). Payment: overseas
entries - international bank cheque only in AUS dollars; Australian
- bank cheque or money order.

SIN will pay artists whose works are selected for
screening AUS$50 for each work. Some or all works selected for screening
in might also be included in the touring program. If so, an
additional once-only fee of AUS$100 will be paid to the artist.

Please submit works preferably on SP Betacam (PAL only)
OR high-grade SVHS (PAL or NTSC). Works submitted in other formats will
not be elligible for consideration.

Please contact Simone O'Callaghan, SIN, for more details and a fax or
copy of the entry form.
Sydney Intermedia Network (SIN)
PO Box 306 Paddington
NSW 2021 Australia
tel (+61 2) 9380 4255
fax (+61 2) 9380 4311
Sydney Intermedia Network (SIN) Inc encourages and promotes the
development and crtical discussion of innovative film, video, sound and
digital media arts in Australia, and exhibits this work to audiences
nationally and internationally.

SIN Director: Alessio Cavallaro
SIN Administrative Assistant: Simone O'Callaghan
SIN President: Kathy Cleland
tel +61 2 9380 4255   fax +61 2 9380 4311
upper level, Sydney Film Centre, Paddington Town Hall
PO Box 306 Paddington 2021 NSW Australia

SINevents 98 include:

may     SIGGRAPH 97
        Electronic Theatre program direct from the world renowned
        of computer animation art
        tuesday 26 may 6pm, Chauvel Cinemas, cnr Oatley Rd and Oxford St

        SIN's new annual international showcase of experimental digital
premieres at
        the 45th Sydney Film Festival

june    Current Media Art:
       Video Art, CD-ROM and Internet projects from Germany
        introduced by Rudolf Frieling, ZKM, Germany
        presented in association with Goethe-Institut, Sydney

july    Synthetics: video synthesis to computer graphics
        -the electronically generated image in Australia
        presentations by some of the pioneers of Australian electronic
media art
        curated by Stephen Jones

aug     Peter Callas: Initialising History
         a three-component program centred around and curated by Peter
        one of Australia's most celebrated electronic media artists

oct     futureScreen
        SIN's inaugural annual event investigates and critiques the
of screen arts as defined by the
         confluence of new media art theories and practices, and
and   technological developments


From: "Convergence" <>
Organization:  University of Luton
Date:          Wed, 15 Apr 1998 15:56:34 GMT
Subject:       Call for papers
Priority: normal
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Convegrence mail outs occur 3 to 4 times a year. If you wish to be taken
off the
list please reply to this mail putting the word 'remove' in your subject line.

Convergence: The Journal of Research into New Media Technologies

* * * CALL FOR PAPERS * * *

on the archaeology of new media for the special issue:
* * "Before and After Cinema"* *

Submission deadline for this issue is 30 April 1998

For Volume 4, No. 3 of the Journal (Winter 1998) we are seeking papers
relating to research projects or case studies on the archaeology of new
media. This special issue is prompted by the question: Is it possible to
analyse and "historicise" the study of digital media in the same way that
cinema scholars and art historians have revised certain teleological
accounts of cinema's evolution?

In particular, we are looking for papers that deal with the possible
parallels that might be drawn between the two areas of research --
cinema and new media:

*  historical accounts of cinema, radio, music, television, video and other
electronic artforms that throw light upon and draw relation to current
developments in the field of new media

*  case studies of corporate and/or aesthetic strategies dealing with the
impact of new technologies on "old" (existing) media

*  theoretical and/or historical articles that deal critically with the
of new media forms, from the 19th century to the present

*  analyses of the convergence of the institutions of cinema with new
formations of media enterprises in the digital age

*  analyses of specific artworks or products in light of the complex
historical, technological and economic forces that influence them

This issue will be guest-edited by Ross Rudesch Harley, lecturer in
Theatre/Film Studies, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

All inquiries about, proposals for articles or completed papers for the
"Before and After Cinema" issue should be sent to:

Ross Rudesch Harley
Theatre/Film Studies
University of New South Wales
Sydney 2052 Australia
tel: 61.2.9385 4867
fax: 61.2.96622335

All other editorial inquiries, general proposals and submissions to:
Julia Knight or Alexis Weedon, Editors, Convergence, School of Media
Arts, University of Luton, 75 Castle Street, Luton, LU1 3AJ, United
Kingdom.  Tel: +44 1582 34111, fax: + 44 1582 489014 e-mail


Subject: European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 22:47:12 +0200
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                  6-10 May 1998
                  in Osnabrueck

INFO 2 '98

Between 6th & 10th May, the 11th European Media Art Festival
(EMAF) will again be presenting innovative works from the
world of film, video, installation, performance, CD-Rom and
the Internet.

This year we have received a total of 845 entries from 33
different countries for the various sections of the
festival. Next to Germany, both the USA and Canada, as well
as Great Britain and the Netherlands are traditionally well
represented. In addition, and among entries from other
countries, productions from Brazil, France and Russia will
be seen, all representing a broad spectrum of creative ideas
and visual aesthetics.

Film & Video
Some 135 productions will be presented in the international
film and video programme; from animation film to video
employing advanced electronic image processing. What is
striking this year are the nearly equal number of films
and videos that have been sent in: compared to former years
where the number of video productions have always been
predominant. This development and the trend towards longer
works is reflected in this year's programme, which
includes no less than eight feature-length productions.

In the tradition of former years, the working circle of film
journalists will be presenting the German Film-Critics'
Prize for the year's best German experimental film or video


Over the course of the last 25 years, Pat O'Neill (USA) has
made a name for himself in Hollywood as a leading specialist
for visual effects and animation techniques (POLTERGEIST,
RETURN OF THE JEDI etc.). However, he sees his own artistic
focus moreso in the development of a personal visual
language, the expressive power of which is created through
the composition and layering of the broadest variety of
image planes. In Osnabrueck, O'Neill will be presenting a
complete show of his artistic works. This extends from his
early films, which he made as a student at the UCLA, to his
most recent piece of work HORIZONTAL BOUNDARIES. Pat O'Neill
will be in Osnabrueck to present his films at the festival.

Electronic Lounge
New CD-Roms, Internet projects and technologically advanced
productions are to be presented in this section of the
festival. With THE LAST COWBOY from Nomad Productions
(Potsdam), one of the first DVD productions will be shown
which impressively demonstrates the artistic potential of
this new medium. A virtual health resort visit is promised
by the CD-Rom KYBERKUR from the Systema-Verlag (Munich). The
Cologne Academy for Media will be presenting the CDs LOKI
from the Australian Suzanne Treister, we set off on a
journey in time into the 21st Century.

David Blair (USA), one of the pioneers of the interactive
media will be presenting his new project THE TELEPATIC
MOTION PICTURE OF THE LAST TRIBES, which tells the bizarre
story of the Manchu Edison Film Studios in Shinkyo
(China), which planned the production of telepathic cinema

2B OR NOT 3D is the title of a new time+motion Production
(Berlin) for the cultural television channel arte. On a trip
through chosen virtual worlds, the innovative 3D
visualisation technique INVISIBLE SHAPE from art+com
(Berlin) is brought into action.

Faces: grrl power
In an open workshop, Kathy Rae Huffmann (Vienna), Diana
McCarty (Budapest), Sabine Seymore (NY), Margarete Jahrmann
(Vienna) and Vali Djordjevic (Berlin) will be offering
guided technical information, organising Web tours,
initiating Chats and providing information about a wide
variety of female Web environments, including: the; a server theory in the form of a
SUperFEMper4MANce from Margarete Jahrmann (A), to take place
at the festival as a live event.

Special: Sweden
In a country-specific special, filmmaker and curator Claes
Swderquist will be presenting experimental Swedish films
from between 1950 and 1990. Recent film and video works will
be presented by Monica Nickels, professor for video at the
Stockholm Art Academy.

As a way of keeping memories of the dead alive, Buddhist
monks float lanterns out onto water during the Japanese
celebration of Spring. In Floating Memories, the Japanese
woman artist Keiko Ichii carries over this ancient tradition
onto modern media. Memories, impressions and visual
experiences which she collected in her home town of Kobe,
and during her stay in Osnabrueck, are to be stored on
notebooks. In a ceremony these will be given over to the
river, unfolding as a spectacle of softly flowing islands of

The Dante Organ - Hot Hardware

Staged using eleven computer controlled flame-throwers, Eric
Hobijn (NL) will present an optical and acoustic firework
display. The Dante Organ: a martial, seemingly threatening
machinery belches out huge flames with infernal volume.
Hobijn plays with the observer's secret wishes and hidden
desires for spectacular images; his desire for kicks. The
familiar security of the monitor screen is dissolved by the
immediate intensity of the performance. Different than other
media however, where violence and danger is concealed from
the viewer behind the television screen, a form of
technology called HOT HARDWARE has been used here which via
an immediate intensity removes any sense of distance.

Cut to the chase
In the multimedia performance CUT TO THE CHASE, the knob-
twiddler and composer Steve Gibson (CDN) brings a mixture of
hard-core techno, warm ambient and cool classic onto the
stage together with Bert Deivert 's (S) video
animations"performed on MIDI giutar.


In cooperation with the editorial department from TELEPOLIS-
lectures and discussions will take Net culture as their
theme, critically reflecting developments in the area of
networks and AV media from a variety of perspectives.
Moderation: the curator and telepolis editor Armin Medosch
(Munich/London). Participants: the artist Cornelia Sollfrank
(Hamburg), sociologist Frank Hartmann (Vienna), and the
Networkers Rena Tangens and padeluun (Bielefeld) have been

Media Bodies

The role of the body in a world defined by the media is the
subject of lectures by Gerhard Johann Lischka (CH) and
Hartmut Winkler (D) respectively titled Everybody is a
Mediator and Pain, Perception, Experience, Peasure. Here
they examine developments in a society increasingly governed
by the media in an art historical and media critical manner.

With the presentation of their project 3 ROUBLES AND 62
KOPEKS, Tanya Moguilevska (RUS) and Gilles Morel (F) will
provide us with information on and an insight into the
development of the art and media scene in Russia, the
Ukraine and Moldavia.

International Student Forum

The Student Forum has discovered the recipe for life after
In the programme as well:
In the face of the phantom!
Birth (Day) of horror!
Artificial creatures orbit the world!
Imprisoned in immaterial space...

An artistic menagerie of video, light and sound
installations are to be presented in the Buergergehorsam
Tower and the Haus der Jugend.

The film and video programme at the Student Forum promises
further stimulating high spots: burning hearts, roaring
tigers and an electric panacopia of crashing encounters!

Festival TV

With his programme LOOP UND LITANEI, Egon Bunne - video
artist and professor at the media academy in Cologne - and
his team will be reporting daily from the European Media Art
Festival. His 'paticipatory' TV event will provide up to the
minute insights into the happenings at the festival.

From 6th - 24th May at the art gallery in the Dominican
church, kinetic art objects, interactive installations, and
works of art employing light, video and computers can be
experienced inviting observation, touch and consciousness.

In the interactive spatial installation THE FUGITIVE from
Simon Penny (AUS), the images are constantly in motion,
fleeing the attentions of the viewer. No matter how hard the
visitor tries to approach the pictures, tries to reach them
with a jump or even creep up on them, the projections are
always quicker and move out of the field of view.

Peter Bogers (NL) thematises the presence of surveillance
systems in public spaces and the brutality of our every day
media in his TV circle RITUAL 1&2. A second for second orgy
of violence hammers itself into the minds of the viewers
while cameras keep the landscape under surveillance from a
variety of perspectives.

Anne Quirynen, Peter Misotten and An Marie Lambrechts (B)
will transform the art gallery at the Dominican Church into
an enormous experiential space. In their most recent video
space-installation EVERYTHING WILL BE ALLRIGHT, human bodies
float in a water tank flooded with light in an atmosphere
strangely removed from the real world. From time to time, a
wave of movement spreads through the container disturbing
the gentle peace.

Thick glass layers conceal the films of the objects PILLAR
and GLASS OBJECT from Sweden's Peter Svedberg. Broken up by
mirrors and facets and eluding the direct gaze of the
viewer, scenes from TV channels melt to abstract forms and
meditative impressions in a spatial interplay of colours and

In addition to the installations mentioned here, Thomas
Bartels (D), Dalibor Martinis (CRO), Candela2 (D) and Nigel
Johnson (GB) will be presenting their most recent works.

More information and updates in our programm, which will be
published by April 20th or on our website.

European Media Art Festival
Postfach 1861
Lohstrasse 45A
D-49008 Osnabrueck
Tel: +49/(0)541-21658 /25779
Fax: +49/(0)541-28327


Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 19:02:29 -0400
From: Florian Wuest <>
Subject: expanded media 2
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hello everybody,
...time again to quickly inform you about the continuation of a serie of
events about artists positions and practises within New Media at the
Academy of Arts Braunschweig/Germany.
best wishes _ Florian Wuest

guestlectures > performances > film- and videoprograms > workshops >

january > december 1998

academy of arts braunschweig

april20, 4pm >
Malcolm Le Grice [gb], lecture > a non-linear tradition - experimental film
and digital cinema

april20, 8pm
MALCOLM LE GRICE [gb], films, videos and multi-projections

april28, 8pm
videoprogram with
hacking in progress, Armin Haase and Sabine Helmers [d]

may04, 8pm
KATHY RAE HUFFMAN [usa/a], lecture > pioneering interactive tv by artists

may05, 11am
Kathy Rae Huffman [usa/a], artist talk about interactive spaces online

may11, 8pm
MICHAEL BRYNNTRUP [d], presentation of the cd-rom-project ploetzlich und
unerwartet - ein mitspielfilm

may18, 8pm
CORNELIA SOLLFRANK [d], lecture > the truth about cyberfeminism

organization > birgit hein and florian wuest
support > Stiftung NORD LB / OeFFENTLICHE

information >
hbk braunschweig   johannes-selenka-platz 1   d-38118 braunschweig
tel: +49-531-391-9130  fax: +49-531-391-9292


Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 12:46:29 +1000
From: Ian Haig <I.HAIG@rmit.EDU.AU>
Reply-To: I.HAIG@rmit.EDU.AU
Organization: Web Devolution
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Subject: Call for Entries
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Status: RO

47th Melbourne International Film Festival,
Australia, 23rd July - 9th August 1998

(preview material must be received by this date)

*** Computer animation, cd-roms, digital video ***

The Melbourne International Film Festival is including a special program

on interactive cd roms, and digital works as part of this years program
specially co- ordinated by artists Martine Corompt and Ian Haig.

The Festival plans to include an exhibition of interactive cd-roms and
a screening program of new computer animation shorts and videos, along
with a number of artists talks and forums on digital filmmaking and
interactive media and itís impact on screen culture.

submit works preferably on SP Betacam (PAL only) or send a preview tape
on VHS (PAL or NTSC) and cdroms, also work on Zip/Jazz drive for

We are particulary interested in exhibiting/screening works that have
not yet
been seen in Australia.

* For more information and application forms please contact Martine
   or  Ian Haig

P.O Box 1049
Collingwood, VIC,

Fax: (61-3) 9417 3804
Tel: (61 3) 9416 1996


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