Tapio Mäkelä on Sat, 22 Mar 1997 11:31:58 +0100 (MET)

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Dear Nettimers,

Here is an update of the programme of our on-line
discussions, hosted from a temporary lab on a
Ferry travelling between Helsinki and Stockholm.
Your hosts are: Heath Bunting, Alexei Shulgin and
myself, Tapio Mäkelä on ship, Pit Schultz on

Our web pages contain a script that updates the
entered text to the same Netscape window - all you
need to do to join the discussion is to connect to
http://www.grandarena.com/can/, select the topic
and type your comments in to a dialgoue box. You
can also post HTML tags  to include small images
and links.


*12:00 GMT, 2 pm Finnish time*
http://www.grandarena.com/can  on the page
Changing spaces, Changing Art

On-line discussion between Marita Liulia, Helsinki
& Marion Baruch, Paris on their net project Code
your Soul with Alberto Sorbelli and Pia Reunala
joining the discussion from Paris. The discussion
starts with the question: "How do your experiences
of working in web space differ from your
recollections of gallery and museum spaces?"

* 13:30 GMT 3.30 pm Finnish time *
http://www.grandarena.com/can  page called Chit
Chat Art

John Hopkins,  USA & Terhi Penttilä, Finland will
host a discussion on Dialogue as an art. This is a
prelude to their Wednesday MIT Port dialogue.

SUNDAY 23rd MARCH 1997, STOCKHOLM * 13:00 GMT, 2
pm Swedish time * http://www.grandarena.com/can on
the page Contemporary Fake

Mike Stubbs and Heath Bunting, UK will host a
discussion on fake identity on the Internet.

* 14:00 GMT, 3 pm Swedish time *
http://www.grandarena.com/can  on the page Licence
to Grill

Pit Schultz will host a discussion on the Nettime
mailing list as a form of interactive criticism.

* 15:00 GMT, 4 pm Swedish time *
http://www.grandarena.com/can  on the page
Changing spaces, Changing Art

Alexei Shulgin will finish our Ferry project by
declaring a Grandarena Award for the most net
minded Smart Show artwork. The international grand
jury is Alexei Shulgin, Tapio Mäkelä and Heath

Please join us!

It is a sunny day on the Baltic Sea with still
some ice near the coastline, -5 degrees Celsius.
Presidents Clinton and Jeltsin + a few thousand
media hypers have left Helsinki yesterday. Did
they really meet here? Perhaps they only had an
on-line chat and the corpses here were only

Best Wishes,

Tapio Mäkelä from artist Association Muu
Silja Symphony Ferry

Tapio Mäkelä
director of Artist Association Muu
www:            http://muu.autono.net.
e-mail: <director@kaapeli.fi> or <director@muu.autono.net>
Address: Rikhardinkatu 4, 00130 Helsinki, FINLAND
tel +358-9-625972       fax +358-9-625376
gsm +358-40-5071965

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