Drazen Pantic on Fri, 21 Mar 1997 23:45:48 +0100 (MET)

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<nettime> nettime on radio b92

As well known, Radio B92 has started live broadcast of its programme over
Internet for month ego, as a response to banning by Serbian regime. In that
way we established communication with distant listeners also, wherever they

Now, I want to propose a reverse action to nettimers. In a series of emails
and chats with Geert Lovink and Josephine Bosma an idea emerged. Nettimers
are called to send contributions (interviews, audio experiments, talks on
net, art politics..) to Radio B92 in audio form. The most preferred form is
RealAudio format via email, but all other forms are welcome including
conventional audio cassettes sent via postal mail. 

When the first group of material is received, one hour programme will be
broadcasted on the regular B92 programme. That could be picked in RealAudio
format on B92 live stream from xs4all page (www.xs4all.nl/opennet). Also, a
special archive page will be created with contributions. If this turn to be
interesting for both nettime and radio, we will continue to make this
programme in some regular fashion.



Ra audio clips: pnadmin@ra,opennet.org
comments:       drazen@opennet.org
postal mail:    Drazen Pantic
                Radio B92
                Makedonska 22/V
                11000 belgrade, Yugoslavia

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