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<nettime> ! Artist & Programmers workshop Brighton UK 6/2-6/6

'Artist & Programmers'

A Five day residential workshop event @ Lighthouse in Brighton to
explore the creative relationship between digital art practice
and computer programming.

June 2nd to June 6th 1997

*	Explore the creative relationship between digital art practice and
computer programming.
*	'Hot-house' new production ideas through collaborations between
practitioners from different disciplines and programmers.
*	Explore how best to create an environment where new technology projects
can be nurtured and developed.
*	Create a portfolio of project ideas which Lighthouse will as producers
put forward for funding to ACE and A4E.

The event is open to artists, musicians, programmers, designers,
performers who:
*	wish to develop new ways of working in order to create work that uses
*	see the value of a collaborative approach.
*	are open to sharing their ideas with others and interested in developing
new project ideas as a team.
*	have experience or an understanding of working with digital media.

The event is structured is such as way as to create an environment where
participants can explore working together to develop new project ideas.
Through a series of specially commissioned workshops participants will
discuss current trends in cultural theory and look closely at the new tools
and working methods being used to create some of the most innovative
contemporary work.

The first three days will consist of six workshops led by invited
practitioners, interspersed with open-forum discussions of the issues
raised. In the final two days participants will work together in groups to
concentrate on the development of potential project ideas.

All of these sessions will be led by a team of four facilitators who will
work closely with all the participants to challenge ideas, explore
potential and support the planning process. At the end of the five days it
is expected that there will be a number of developed project ideas that can
then be taken forward by Lighthouse to funders. Each of the groups will be
expected to present their final idea to the other participants and will
have access to all the Lighthouse facilities to assist them with this

Participants will be selected who can demonstrate that they wish to work
collaboratively. In particular, those who can articulate what they see as
the value of this type of approach. Applicants will be asked to explore how
they wish to use new technologies to develop new working methods and inform
the development of their existing practice.

Consideration will also be given to the diversity of participants as a
deliberate attempt is being made by the co-ordinators to bring together
individuals from different disciplines and with different transferable
skills who can work as teams.

Whilst it is not necessary to have experience of working with digital media
to be considered for the team, it is envisaged that some of the
participants will be fluent with practical production methods and may have
high level programming skills.

Individuals wishing to apply will need to submit the following information:
*	A written proposal for a workshop idea for this event which explores the
development of new working methods for the creative application of
*	Who you would wish to collaborate with.
*	A current CV.
*	Two examples of work and a description of this work as text.

If short-listed for interview, participants will be asked to think about
project ideas which they may wish to develop.

The event was conceived and is being co-ordinated by Lighthouse in Brighton
and is funded by the Arts Council of England. Lighthouse is a unique
Production and Training Centre occupying a strategic position between the
Arts. Education and Media Industries.  We run a comprehensive programme of
media training courses and independent production activities.

Lighthouse have invited a selection of artists, programmers and producers
to form a Planning Group to assist with the development and structuring of
the event. This group are responsible for the planning of the workshops and
for setting and selecting the twelve participants. They have worked
together to shape the event and several of them will take the role of
facilitators during the week.

Members of the planning group are Frank Boyd, Terry Braun, Graham Harwood,
Jonathan Jones-Morris, Jayne Hobin and Jane Finnis.

Lighthouse have constructed this event in such as way as to nurture and
facilitate the development of new production ideas. The ownership of these
ideas will lie jointly between Lighthouse and the participants and it is
Lighthouse's intention to act as producers and try and ensure these ideas
are realised. This will be done through funding bids to the Arts Council
and Arts 4 Everyone, which will be co-ordinated and submitted through
Lighthouse. Lighthouse have a successful track record of this kind of work
and in addition have already secured production funding to use as matching
funds. It is important that individuals who wish to be apply to take part
in the event are happy to accept these terms.

Projects that may develop from the event will be collaborative and work
across disciplines. For example, a dancer, programmer and musician will
work together to produce 'x'.

The event will be held at Lighthouse's studios within the Brighton Media
Centre from 2nd to 6th June. The event is free to all participants and
accommodation will be provided at the Queens Hotel which is situated on the
seafront around the corner from the Media Centre. Overnight accommodation
will be provided from the evening of Sunday 1st June to the morning of
Friday 6th and will be based on two people sharing. All participants have
the option to upgrade to a sole occupancy room at a cost of 10 per night.

The main part of the event will be held in a large seminar room but full
access is available to all Lighthouse facilities where appropriate. The
multimedia bar/restaurant CYBAR will also be used for large scale group
work and socialising.

Lighthouse facilities include :
*	Multimedia Workstations running image/video/sound manipulation, 2/3D
*	animation and authoring software.
*	Internet connections over a 64k leased line.
*	Large scale video/data projection.
*	Video Studio for digital video capture, manipulation and output.
*	AVID broadcast on-line and off-line facility
*	Video production, sound and lighting kits.
*	Colour dye sublimation and b/w laser printers.
*	Digital stills camera.
*	CD Rom Burner.

*	Deadline for Applications: Wednesday 23rd April
*	Notification of All Candidates: Week following the 28th April
*	Interviews at Lighthouse in Brighton: Thursday 8th May
*	Please Note: We are only able to return work submitted as part of the
application if a pre-paid envelope is provided
*	Further Information: Please call Jayne Hobin at Lighthouse or e-mail

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