Olia Lialina on Thu, 13 Mar 97 14:52 MET

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RE: nettime: Art on Net

What means word "ditched"? i found several translations in english-russian dictionary, but they all explain nothing to me. i'm not very good in english and since i didnt get all sentences of  your statement i'm not ready to answer.

Carye, Alexey
I hate it. For how long time we are going to participate in destructive  discussions. 

David, Alexei
No i dont want to  know what "ditched" means. i dont like to argue with all these "should -shouldn't" directives-forecasts.

God, Mammy, Michael ( all not nettime subscribers)
I'm a net artists. I'm famous net artists. I'm very good net artist. 
i can use the net to express myself, to sell my soul or to save humankind.
my works are net art masterpieces

Does anybody like the level of statement [IV]?
 i'm afraid not, but i'll send this message everytime somebody will write about net art, without analyzing works of mine or my friends, existing net artists (not all nettime subscribers).
What for to offer sense and context to people who have already created it or are in the process of creation?
Its obvious, if we want to develop the situation and understand smth the best thing we could do is to turn to personalities and their way of using net.
after these words i feel responsibility to do it myself first, but i still dont know exact meaning of some english words.

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