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nettime: On-line e-money conference invitation.

The following announcement came my way, which may be of interest to CM list


Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 13:59:04 -0800
From: Emily Hoyer <sophia17@well.com>
Organization: Transaction.Net
To: davidsol@panix.com
Subject: money as community memory?

Just writing to invite you (and any other community memory enthusiasts)
to join us online at The Money Conference, a new open forum where we're
focusing attention on several functioning money systems, including
national fiat currency, LETS, Ithaca HOURS, and Time Dollars (as well as
a few untested technologies and theories), and examining them against
social, political, ecological, and economic criteria, in order to learn
from their triumphs and tribulations and so derive more elegant recipes
for future exchange media.   Whatever your background, and whether your
interests include tax law or cryptography, sustainable development or
new payment technologies, we welcome you and hope to learn from your
personal expertise.

You can reach the conference from
http://www.transaction.net/money/ . The first time you enter, you'll be
asked first to select a nickname and a password--a virtual version of
your identity.  Then, when you've arrived inside the conference, click
on 'list all topics' and you'll see a listing of topic headings (see the
example below), each one devoted to a particular money-related
dialogue.  You can select any number of topics according to your
interests and read the new postings; once you reach the end of the
conversation, you'll be able to add your remarks, review as many posts
as you like, or skip ahead to the next topic or another conference.

You may encounter responses marked as 'hidden', usually because they're
very long and the authors didn't want to burden other participants with
excessive scrolling.  If you'd like to read a hidden response, simply
follow the link to that post; then when you're done reading, your
browser's "back" button will return you to the unhidden conversation
area.  If you have something to say that doesn't fit into any of the
existing topics, feel free to start a new topic to suit what's on your

 Once you hit the Exit button, the system (Bryan Higgins' excellent
conferencing software, Motet) will keep track of which responses you
have and have not read, so that when you come back, you won't have to
wade through posts you've already seen.

Please drop by and take a look around; we're looking forward to hearing
what you have to say.

These conversations are already underway:

    #1. About the money conference

    #2. Who are you? Who is everybody else?

    #3. URLs of Money Resources

    #4. Money Mentions in Other Media

    #5. How do you start a money system?

    #6. Scope and scale of money systems

    #7. Maintaining a Money System

    #8. How do currencies affect the economy?

    #9. Inflation and other money supply questions

    #10. How do currencies shape our social and political behavior?

    #11. Cultivating sustainable markets: ecology and money systems

    #12. Federal Reserve Currency

    #13. all about Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS)

    #14. Time Dollars and service exchange programs

    #16. Ithaca HOURS: Does time really equal money?

    #17. Barter: the oldest profession?

    #18. Money substitutes: coupons, coops, scrip, tickets, vouchers....

    #19. fear of finance: speculations on the psychology of money

    #20. let your digits do the hawking: online payment methods

    #21. Taxation and Other Legal Issues

    #22. Backing: How is your money measured?

Emily Hoyer

    David S. Bennahum
    v. +1-212-965-2910
    f. +1-212-334-3107
    e. davidsol@panix.com


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