Alexei Shulgin on Thu, 13 Mar 97 12:08 MET

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Re: nettime: Art on Net

> The term net-art (as opposed to art that happens to 
> appear on the net) should be quietly ditched.

no, david, it's not time yet.
we have to wait until:

- big international net art stars (whose works and behaviour meet art
institutions demands) will emerge;
- living legends of net art will appear (poor, but accepting no
- some names will be forgotten (to be discovered in the future by net
art historians as key figures of the beginning of the movement);
- net art galleries, magazines, associations and museums will be
- as well as net art departments at universities;
- few net art histories (contradictory, each describing completely
different picture) will be written;
(i think everyone can easily continue this list)

only then those few net artists who survive will be able to proudly say:
"yes, i am a real artist!", denying their low roots in sake of
prosperous present.

alexei shulgin
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