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Nick Couldry :  Boz Temple Morris

Monday 24th February 1997
@       7:30pm
@       Backspace, Winchester Wharf, Clink Street, London SE1

FAG-ENDS ON SLIPPERY FLOORS > < Alchemy and the Commodity

Dispersed political movements..., extra-parliamentary politics...,
non-curricular art beyond cultural discourse.......
sTALK attempts to draw together different strands in the new geographies
being defined by the drive for social change today, and asks where we
position art in the matrix of nascent and unstable social realities.

**BOZ TEMPLE MORRIS reflects on the Day of Resurrection, on Islamic
ontology rooted in concept of Ta'wil (a thing taken to its source, or
essence), and the possibility of Heresy in contemporary culture without
resort to subversion through Art -------->
he presents detailed marketing strategies behind DEATH cigarettes and the
Enlightened Tobacco Company : Marketing as essence.

**Drawing on his research at Greenham Common and the Pure Genius squatter
site at Wandsworth --------> NICK COULDRY of the Institution of Rot looks
beyond commodified Representation, the attempt to subvert monopoly media
representation and the idea of the Ritual in oppositional events.

sTALK Tickets 2.50
Menu includes cyber dessert.
Limited numbers; booking essential for guaranteed admission.
Contact         STALK at:
tel             +44 171 234 0804    between 2pm and 7pm
fax             +44 171 704 6834
@               Backspace, Winchester Wharf, Clink Street, London SE1

**************** ***************** ***************** ****************

STALK: experimental curating for the late nineties

>a forum to backtrack and re-examine independent work using documentation.
>focus on work to project new ideas, ideas to project new work.
>live discussions through transnational internet linkups
>experiment and integrate curatorial agendas with new technology

Pilot Programme:
*LAUNCH*- - 25th November       Backspace
                        2nd December    Mute
                        16th December   Backspace
                        5th January     Mute
                        27th January    Backspace
                        3rd February    Backspace
                       24th February    Backspace


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