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nettime: some criticism on brener's artwork

some criticism on brener's artwork

while progressive part of mankind follows alexander brener's heroical
fight with corrupted art market system and writes letters in his
support, some critical replies on his stedelijk piece of performance
have appeared.
dmitrij prigov, whose works brener used to sharpen his skill on before
stedelijk climax (and whose opinion therefore can be biased) says that
he likes the performance idea (!) but thinks that the piece itself is
very much of compromise. according to prigov, brener should have done it
at the greatest temple of venal art - the museum of modern art in new
york and then confront the dollarland's system of justice.
there is also another opinion - that brener had chosen wrong painting to
put the dollar sign on. malevich's 'black square' which is being shown
at the tretiakov gallery in moscow is proposed as the most appropriate
(both ideologically and esthetically) candidate. though brener's critics
admit that no any work of art doesn't worth close acquaintance with
russian prison system which still bears too many features of that of
malevich time.

alexei shulgin
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