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nettime: Handbook of Communcation Guerilla

A new book about theory and practice of Communication Guerilla (March 1997):
by autonome a.f.r.i.k.a.-gruppe/Luther Blissett/Sonja Bruenzels.
How to ruin a government politician's talking event?
What chances for subtle and effective interventions offer the 
bureaucratic heaps of paper within the administration?
Which possibilities open up within the context of elections, at 
representative state-events or against ordinary, daily racism?
The handbook of Communication Guerilla describes principles, methods, 
techniques and practices, groups and actions, which intervene in social 
processes of communication. Communication doesn't refer only to mass 
media, but includes the face-to-face communication of daily life. The 
book was written with the intention to link political practice and the 
development of theory, instead of playing off one against the other. 
Starting point was the question, why left-wing "counter-public" often 
remains unheard, when it tries to make its positions public. 
Firstly, the handbook develops a concept of politics, which doesn't 
restrict itself to declarations in clear and usual forms of militancy. 
Rather, it describes stunning, funny and unforseeable means - means that 
have long been part of left-wing-politics, but have been rather 
Secondly, the handbook describes people and groups, who are somehow 
linked to communication guerilla: from dada and the situationists to the 
"Buero fuer Ungewoehnliche Massnahmen (office for unusual measures)", 
Billboard Liberation Front, Barbie Liberation Organisation, Adbusters, 
Yippies, or the KPD/RZ. Earlier political movements are not just 
understood as failed efforts, their history is seen as a starting-point 
for the continuous development of left-wing politics. 
Tirdly, the handbook provides short descriptions of communication 
guerilla's activities, which illustrate their politics and will stimulate 
those who are planning their own activities. 
Forthly, the handbook of communication guerilla is a reference book and 
provides an overview of names, adresses and actions of 
Everybody, who is interested in the structure of communication, and 
especially those, who want to use methods of the communication guerilla 
themselves, will find useful and feasible hints.
In German language:
ISBN 3-922611-64-8 Verlag Libertaere Assoziation
ISBN 3-924737-38-X Schwarze Risse/Rote Strasse
appr. 240 pages, DM 29,80,-/sFr 27,50/219 S
For the press: review copies are available from
Verlag Liberaere Assoziation, Lindenallee 72, 
D-20259 Hamburg, Tel./Fax: 0049 40 4393666 


Verlag der Buchlaeden, Schwarze Risse, Gneisenaustrasse 2a, 
D-10961 Berlin, Tel.: 0049 30 6928779, fax: 0049 30 6919463

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