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Re: ZKP ?

At 11:57 PM 1/5/96, Pit Schultz wrote:
>Hello John Perry,
>well i just heard that you will come to the n5m conf. and i
>also heard that you are a bit pissed off, you're not the
>only one and the problem is that anyone is thinking that
>this will be a normal conf.

I am more than a bit pissed off. Since I was going to be in the vicinity
anyway, I offered to participate in the conference on several occasions,
whether on a panel or taking tickets at the door.

And I never got any sort of response from anyone until yesterday when Geert
told me, essentially, that everyone had heard what I had to say in Budapest
and at Doors last year and that he couldn't see paying my way over. (Which
as I say, I had not asked for since I was going to be there anyway.) He
also said I was perfectly welcome to come and sit in the audience.

All of which might not be so irritating were it not for the fact that you
have as conference topics a number of areas such as censorship and
copyright where I have a great deal more recent, non-theoretical, in the
trenches, experience than those who are discussing them.

Further, most of what I have read in the nettime mail-list so far consists
of scathing criticism of neo-hippie American Wired culture, which is to say
*my* culture, including many charges which I would have loved an
opportunity to confront face to face rather than text to text. But I am not
being given that opportunity except as a member of the audience or as
another poster to a newsgroup.

So, if what you folks really want is an opportunity to slander us in the
privacy of our own circular academic viewpoints, I'll make no further
effort to engage you personally in debate.


John Perry

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