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FW: Stolen Poetry

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>Subject: FW: Stolen Poetry
>Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 21:25:54 -0800
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>From: Mike B
>So, I wrote a book called "The Revolutionary Guide to Win32 Programming
>with Visual C++".  It turns out that someone who bought it had a wife
>who got an assignment at school to write a poem based on clippings of
>someone else's words... like one of those Magnetic Poetry Kits you can buy.
>This technique has a name--a French word, I think--but I can't remember
>it.  (Maybe it's how you would say "Found Art" or "Found Poems" if you
>were speaking only French.)
>But since this guy had my book lying about, his wife picked it to get
>the phrases to write her poems.  This fellow wrote to me and here are
>the poems that his wife put together from words out of my book.  I
>think they're great.  You can tell the words (even the titles!) were
>ripped out of a book on programming, but she glued them together to
>make them bigger than that.
>.B ekiM
>Sharon Wyse
>Found poems
>July 17, 1995
>I. Tools Designed to Help Us
>When you're not sure,
>simply accepting calls will draw attention to
>your endless internal routine.
>I would try to clean things up.
>You'll need to understand you can do so,
>depending on the pertinent inquiry.
>Because you are not sure,
>icons can be used--
>you'll find some construct that needs help.
>Some will show up
>surrounded by temperatures and pressures,
>shapes or patterns that contain wild cards.
>In theory, expressions aren't damaged
>if someone else is ready and willing to help us out.
>You will be allowed to gain access to them.
>You will probably be able to find information.
>You won't be allowed to drop out of sight.
>You won't be able to even begin to focus
>on exactly what isn't allowed.
>You can't request it:
>These settings are global.
>If you are interested in changing,
>this is really just background.
>The outline of calls or inheritance--
>pipes going in and out--
>ends by disconnecting anything that was started.
>Memory is a more appropriate choice.
>It knows when its useful life has finished--
>heat exchanges someplace, maybe deep inside--
>created, manipulated, and then
>II. Simple Closed or Open Shapes
>I bought everything.
>This means that
>you can get by with less,
>you are at ease,
>you need do nothing.
>Phrases chosen from
>"The Revolutionary Guide to WIN32 Programming Using Visual C++"
>by Mike Blaszczak (Wrox Press Ltd., 1995).