Pit Schultz on Tue, 9 Jan 96 08:45 MET

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Re: ZKP ?

Hello John Perry, 

>>more than pissed off
well it took a while, again.. first: i cannot say much to the n5m organisation
but that it is just singular and very chaotic. you, as a worldwide net
authority, could use the chance to enter this indended taz as everybody else
(not persona non grata but maybe incognito) and just discuss and have fun
like the rest of us.

>>scathing criticism of neo-hippie American Wired culture, which is to say
>>*my* culture,
i have a certain respect on what was invented 1968/69 like Unix and Internet,
anti-autoritarian movement, sex-pol, drug cultura and business, and sure, rock
music but well it's a little clumsy today and therefore people work on
'interfaces' or 'gateways' like to the past (Jefferson) or to the right wing
hardcore liberals (News Ginrich and PFF) or just to embed it in a diffuse,
flexible and cynical ideology production like Wired Magazine (out of control)
The biology metaphor and naturalisation of Cyberspace which seems to become
one of the consesus over there, comes together with 1. formations of
biotechnolgical power(an own thread, but also a question of copyright and
the info-war-paradism) and a new pax americana, spread out with the
standards of the Internetisation of the world, and the reactivation of
American Myths which are bound to their own historical lies. 
A property model based on territorial myth or natural right is always based
on the mythification of blood, and a tendency to repeat a violent history. 
I see also the central question of information property which leads in my
view to the question of who has the right to play with the money (and
control private police forces). This project seems to aim at a fusion of the
sphere of the stockmarkets with the lower levels of production to a new kind
of unbound circulation, the orgasmic free spirit of capitalism. (virtual
class, third wave, happy few) I heavily doubt if evolution won't spit out such
a monster, as we look onto ecological and political problems. I havn't been
on that gaya-trip yet to see 'the future and it works' and will also resist
to apocalyptic pathos. These arguments seems all a bit overheated, but i
agree with you that with the electronic frontier we are facing 'new' social
and geopolitical conflict lines.
First, i guess, between the in- and excluded and according to it,
establishing 'new' military paradigms. Simply asked: when there will fly the
first cruise missiles on illegal web servers and pirate cd-rom factories??
When one will use
VR/C3I controled non-lethal weapons for conflict zones?
Do those conflicts has to get provoked to show the existing power structures?

You should accept the emmergence of a 'net criticism' and see it as a part of
your model, that information wants to live (and therefore has to kill some
other information?) And it certainly it makes a difference if everything
becomes perfect or something went damned wrong. (like the stock quotes of
netsape, thats
just madly risky) Responsible are partly you surfers of the 'third wave',
it's obvious that we can't he ecstatic any more to plug in our electrical
machines or cum together in a net.orgasm. There is a thin line when
technology can get just another state-religion, in this moment i decide to
switch my streams of desire and become heretic.

nettime is more than a medium to make money with the net backlash, 
it's more than a jerk off sex toy for a sick mind fuck. 'we' , as a kind of
european tribal and dissident collective subjectiviy, want to have the right
to see cyberspace in our own way but are certainly open for a discussion and
argument as long as worse conflicts are avoideable through it, and we should be
all keep ourselves open to learn in times of such 'rapid changes'. Are we
having fun yet?

Viele Gruesse aus Berlin

ps: you are still invited to write something for nettime, even an
anti.manifesto or doing an interview with us, can be on e-mail.
    maybe after n5m..