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<nettime> Tsunami updates... from BytesForAll list
Frederick Noronha (FN) on Wed, 29 Dec 2004 17:57:29 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Tsunami updates... from BytesForAll list


From:  "Samudra E. Haque" <haque {AT} pradeshta.net>
Date:  Mon Dec 27, 2004  9:17 pm
Subject:  Re: [bytesforall_readers] Pls. submit information/experiences/reports 
on Tsunami at bytesforall.net

Hi group, in light of the interest in post-Tsunami disaster mitigation 
projects, just so that it is on record, the SEANET (South East Asia Network of 
Amatuer Radio Operators) meets on HF Frequency 14.320 MHz +/- QRM every day at 
1200Z (1200 GMT, 1800 Bangladesh) for many years now on USB - Upper Side Band. 
The purpose of the network is to share first medical traffic/civil emergency 
traffic and the net controller usually rotates the discussion with all the 
countries that have access to the range of the HF signal, typically from West 
Asia through to East Asia and the Pacific in a very wide circle as appropriate 
to the radio wave propogation. In 30 minutes the net controller canvasses all 
regions and asks for medical/emergency traffic and if there is none, any other 
traffic (messages) for operators in other countries. There is no prior 
requirement to participate, nor is it obligatory - and it is really for the 
enthuisasts at this point more than any other use. However it is open as per 
regulatory laws worldwide to Licensed radio amateur operators - anywhere.

Now, this may sound antiquated in the era of the internet, but is very very 
appropriate for disaster mitigation networks where you know for sure, 
absolutely sure, double sure, that the radio network is working fine and will 
work on the day that youwill need it, it only requires a 12V cell battery to 
power up a radio transmitter/receiver in a manner to reach thousands' of miles 
away your party who can send help or send messages.

I have participated before in such efforts, sadly this time am unable to do so 
due to other issue - and it takes time and efforts on a purely volunteer basis 
in order to reach out and help someone. There are thousands of radio amateurs 
with sets around Asia - Pacific, and they need to be encouraged to help out, 
and for those who still have connectivity to the 'net, they can act as a 
'bridge' between civil and commercial and emergency worlds.

However, it also requires planning in advance to be really effective, if you 
have lost battery power, and won't get back your mains electricity for a few 
days - you may end up being dead yourself. So if you permit an emergency task 
force kit to be setup so which can be AIRLIFTED, they can have a remote power 
pack, transceiver kit and a emergency communications handbook in order to send 
coded e-mail messages and act as a controller which can take on the civil 
emergencies coordination role - you will need training to use this stuff, and 
you will have to have lists of appropriate license holders who are registered 
volunteers with proper mindset to help out.

-samudra, S21X & N3RDX


From:  "Subbiah Arunachalam" <arun {AT} mssrf.res.in>
Date:  Mon Dec 27, 2004  6:15 pm
Subject:  A timely telephone call saves lives


A former MSSRF knowledge centre volunteer, Mr Vijayakumar of Nallavadu (a 
coastal village in Pondicherry), did a wonderful thing. He received some 
training with the help of MSSRF(as a village knowledge centre volunteer) and 
now lives and works in Singapore. As soon as the tsunami reached Singapore and 
he came to know that it was moving towards India, he called people at Nallavadu 
by telphone and alerted them. People living in huts close to the shore moved 
out immediately. Not a single life was lost in this village. Our heart felt and 
grateful thanks to Mr Vijaykumar.

Here is the latest news release on the tsunami tragedy.

[Subbiah Arunachalam]

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