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Re: <nettime> webpaintings history

>> First I was influenced by the great german artist Blank and Jeron who
> did 'dumb your trash" on 1997:

marvellous as schwarzy i dont take great care of those who were not inflence
by alexander the great, caesar & gengis kahn first, they are all girly men

> Second I was influenced by the great greek artist Miltos Manetas

hell did you know in the great dictator, hinkel sayz exactly the same thing
to napoleoni, it was a huge movie, except this ridicoulous barber of the
ghetto, i hear donald rumzfeld include in his patriot act to censor him

> On 1999 Ola Pehrson did a terrific installation, one of my favourite
> called "Desktop":

you forget to speak about the famous exhibition of goldorak tv painting by
kidz of ecole maternelle de la garenne bezon in 1978

> In Russia a friend of Olia Liliana called Masha Moriskina painted

..yes all these brats were not at all my friends, rather goldorak i would
prefer napoleoni on his horse standing on a broken patton tank

> in Miltos Manetas place

btw did you know about the rules of equestrian statue ? if the horse has no
leg up it's the horseman is dead in his bed, if the horse has 1 leg up it's
the horseman was wound at war, if 2 legs up it's he is dead at war..i never
see any place with equestrian statue with 3 legs up, but i know a famous
historical place where the guide ends his boring equestrian statue rules
spiel  by '& if you see once a place with one statue with its 4 legs up
it's cause it's the horse that is stone dead'

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