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<nettime> webpaintings history


Hereafter some news about the webapintings project and its consequence, 
it has started on 1998, and is now copied by various international 
artist !
I am very pleased to have been the first to paint webpage and to see 
that this idea is starting a new kind of revolution in artworld world 
First I was influenced by the great german artist Blank and Jeron who 
did 'dumb your trash" on 1997:
They are making sculpture on marble from webpages:
Second I was influenced by the great greek artist Miltos Manetas with 
his computer and wires paintings:
So I started on 1998 the "Pump your page" project:
and the same year i initiated the "webpaintings" project:
On 1999 Carlo Zanni sent me an email to show me his great paintings he 
started to produce on the end on 1998:
On 1999 Ola Pehrson did a terrific installation, one of my favourite 
called "Desktop":
This installtion is confronting computer icons as sculpture, paintings, 
physical space and virtuality by streaming on real time through a webcam 
a viwe of this installtion: on the screen a new windows 95 screen is 
appearing !
In Russia a friend of Olia Liliana called Masha Moriskina painted screen on paper with pencil and gouache (2000): A 
terrific drawing.
Then on 2001 after the big and crazy emergence of google, I perceived it 
as the perfect new internet icon and I produced in Miltos Manetas place 
(electronic orphanage) in Los Angeles the "google painting" (september 
Shown in Artsonje center in Seoul and Gwangjyu "less ordinary" show on 
2002 in south Korea.
On 2002  the british artist Thomson and Craighead produced a e-bizness:
dealing with off line net art pieces and one of them is "google tea 
towels" which is a best seller:
i have boght all the four for my personnal collection, this eally one of 
the nest webpaings I have ever seen.
Still on 2002 Miltos Manetas has done a great project called "internet 
On 2003 exonemo ( produced a project called 
"Natural process" by mixing and copying two pieces by two artist:
"Desktop" 1999 by Ola Pehrson, and "Google paintings" by me: "Natural 
process flow":
shon on beging 2004 at Mori art Museum and sold  to google on May 2004.

We can see that through this tiome line a great revolution is starting 
and may be subject of a terrific collective show including all of these 
artists with a great catalog !

read also the conceptual statement of webpaintings!


Valery Grancher

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