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Re: <nettime> MODE: kenji siratori (remix by alan sondheim)
lq on Tue, 24 Jun 2003 00:23:22 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> MODE: kenji siratori (remix by alan sondheim)

an interinterpretransduction by Lanny Quarles

solarlotuswomb whose exploding moonfoetuspiders generate nesting queries
through REM redirectiontemplates whose temporal wireform images to
ourobouromantiserpent whose helioptic gill arrays stream =
solarmagmaspheres =3Dcatastrophemusics where union of zombinarinegentropes
found orgiastic hymnaelstromatolitic = of rodent-canine torsofurred
astronaut chain whose dielectric syntactical = genitalmatrices humm to
urban lithography exchange, rotating teflon cappillaric socket maths whose
data = interchange rates are housed in metasquid axonequilibrium tanks
whose buffered refuse mutants replicate = along algorhythmic memory cycles
cascading in sheathed photoencryption bundles which enucleate the =
BABEL-EYE with symphesectomy of genusLAB platform dialogue. LORD of
defects whose = encrusted polysyllabic orationpetals loose the biocaustic
syllable analogues whose totemic = vectorange dwarffs the mutant auxillary
skinloops. Chlorine detention pods throb to the = ambulant
remaindershelves, misted in hydrofluoric antennastamens whose hydraulic
viral uptake climates are = regulated by serotonin retrieval agents
milking gluons from lucid simian skinfobs whose protoplasmic = mohawk
display screens radiate recombinant glyph poison from momentary
organ-constellations whose = incandescent mobility series cry for
mononucleic reification serum.  {AT}  postal dreamcorpses = scored in laser
barcode emblems // display viral parasite armor in pavonine encrustation =
morphologies gyrating through quaternion alphabet cognates merged in
insect display froth. = crystalmobiuspine channels organic quine tides
through holographic maggot ikons broadcasting = robotimutagenic c
spermcode through transparent trilobytic vessicle webs, rhodolite
extraction gnomes fouled = in circuit/ phosphorescent body-analogues
traversing human eclipse stations. Peristaltic optic = vaginas of humbaba
siliconintestine masks whose transparent cavenymph underwritercilia
huddle-swarm in = macroprosopoi of identity vacuum=20 pumps sucking
cryogenic vapornozzles to psycholinguistic clitellum =
sarcophagimonorails, RF logos=20 cooking kidney racks under
mandalaradiation dust..

Kenji Siratori

sun*interior of the womb exploded moon in reverse side in sleeps spider =
of nest of embryo=3Dof=3Dcyber to my butterfly controlled is my eye sun of
inorganic substance scream by solved is micro cadaver city of highway =
dog of [BABEL-ism] of cerebral cortex to program embryo of
mysterious_internal organ of spectrum to various body=3Dof=3Dearth
guerrilla and it idles = the DNA=3Dloop of a fly eyeball of the desire of
the clone that the negative quickening of my soul transmitted the other
selfs of junkie hope from = the vagina of the earth area=3Dhologram with
DIGITAL of the embryo that went bankrupt to the brain of the joke of the
DIGITAL_fatalities that surges = and rape the chromosome of clone-tokage
that executes the masochistic = emotional particle of the earth! the echo
of the earth [BABEL-ism/write off eye of = the flies!] ill-treating the
dogmatic heart of the earth that your brain of = the desire/0 of the clone
to the murder person of the blue megabyte of the = sky who was cut
off/scrap intestines of the no destruction of the sun from = the storage
that loves the plug infinite you LOAD my future=3Dof=3Dthe love = of my
insanity that breeds the ugly centipede of artificial insemination to =
eye and digested outer space with the eyeball of the tragedy of a fly with
= the sunlight in the suffocation just before of the embryo that cuts the
= thread of the chaosmic spider of an embryo I who the madmen of the
fabrication = were formed the corpse of the ant of road to the
narcolepsy_respiratory = organs of the cell that spin the human body that
escapes builds the DIGITAL_body = of the embryo of the cadaver of god that
instigated the murder by the = thinking of the womb


ZARZ/MODE remix by Alan Sondheim

moon Nykukoun*ynterososyor yn ophlsh! reveroshze pe Nykukoyde
ABUYA9nD-hZARhZomb hzleephz ekxploded hzpyderos m+ nehzt kayontroALLAHed
embryo=3Dophlsh!=3Dzyberos =3D 4 eye butterososphl+ Nykukoun mykayro
NykukoubhztanEAhZEment ynorganyka+ kayadaveros hzkayre=3D zyt+ b+ dog
Nykukoolved kayortekx zerosebrl [BABEL-yhzm] hyghwa+ embryo progr=3D
myhzterososyouhz_ynterososnl bod+=3Dophlsh!=3Dearth hzpekaytrum organ =
UND... varyouhz yt ydlehz guerosryALLAHa kayl01 eyebaALLAH phil+ a
DNA=3Dloop negatyve dehzyre junkye tranhzmytted Nykukooul cueuySAKenyng
pat phirom operos area=3Dhologr=3D vagyna hope Nykukoelphhz
ABUYA9nD-hZARhZent = DyGyTAL ABUYA9nD-hZARhZyth earth Nykukourgehz joke
brayn bankrupt kayhromohzome rape DyGyTAL_phatalytyehz kayl01-tokage
ekxekayutehz mahzokayhyhztyka+ emoABU.YAl [BABEL-yhzm/ABUYA9nD-hZARhZryte
earth! partykayle your heart dogmatyka+ yALLAH-treatyng philyehz!]
ophphlsh! ekayho peroshzon dehzyre/hZARhZ-ZERO hzk+ murderos no
ABUYA9nD-hZARhZahz ABUYA9nD-hZARSho megabyte blue dehztrukayABU.YA kayut
ynphynyte hztorage yntehzt9nehz ophphlsh!/hzkayrap LOAD velhz
phiuture=3Dophlsh!=3Dpe plug vel zentypede breedhz ynhzanyt+ ...&!
artyphyzyl ugl+ ynhzemynaABU.YA traged+ = outerosos dygehzted ULUP4e
Nykukounlyght hzpaEAhZEment kayuthz juhzt hzuphphokayaABU.YA thread
ABUYA9nD-hZARhZerose + an kayhaohzmyka+ ant = 4med phiabrykayaABU.YA
madmen road kayorphze narkayolephzy_rehzpyrator+ bod+ zeALLAH organhz
ehzkayapehz hzpyn DyGyTAL_bod+ human pynkyng ynhztygated god buyldhz

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