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<nettime> MODE: kenji siratori (remix by alan sondheim)
Kenji Siratori on Mon, 23 Jun 2003 15:08:49 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> MODE: kenji siratori (remix by alan sondheim)

Kenji Siratori

sun*interior of the womb exploded moon in reverse side in sleeps spider of
nest of embryo=of=cyber to my butterfly controlled is my eye sun of
inorganic substance scream by solved is micro cadaver city of highway dog of
[BABEL-ism] of cerebral cortex to program embryo of mysterious_internal
organ of spectrum to various body=of=earth guerrilla and it idles the
DNA=loop of a fly eyeball of the desire of the clone that the negative
quickening of my soul transmitted the other selfs of junkie hope from the
vagina of the earth area=hologram with DIGITAL of the embryo that went
bankrupt to the brain of the joke of the DIGITAL_fatalities that surges and
rape the chromosome of clone-tokage that executes the masochistic emotional
particle of the earth! the echo of the earth [BABEL-ism/write off eye of the
flies!] ill-treating the dogmatic heart of the earth that your brain of the
desire/0 of the clone to the murder person of the blue megabyte of the sky
who was cut off/scrap intestines of the no destruction of the sun from the
storage that loves the plug infinite you LOAD my future=of=the love of my
insanity that breeds the ugly centipede of artificial insemination to eye
and digested outer space with the eyeball of the tragedy of a fly with the
sunlight in the suffocation just before of the embryo that cuts the thread
of the chaosmic spider of an embryo I who the madmen of the fabrication were
formed the corpse of the ant of road to the narcolepsy_respiratory organs of
the cell that spin the human body that escapes builds the DIGITAL_body of
the embryo of the cadaver of god that instigated the murder by the thinking
of the womb


remix by Alan Sondheim

moon Nykukoun*ynterososyor yn ophlsh! reveroshze pe Nykukoyde
ABUYA9nD-hZARhZomb hzleephz ekxploded hzpyderos m+ nehzt kayontroALLAHed
embryo=ophlsh!=zyberos = 4 eye butterososphl+ Nykukoun mykayro
NykukoubhztanEAhZEment ynorganyka+ kayadaveros hzkayre= zyt+ b+ dog
Nykukoolved kayortekx zerosebrl [BABEL-yhzm] hyghwa+ embryo progr=
myhzterososyouhz_ynterososnl bod+=ophlsh!=earth hzpekaytrum organ UND...
varyouhz yt ydlehz guerosryALLAHa kayl01 eyebaALLAH phil+ a DNA=loop
negatyve dehzyre junkye tranhzmytted Nykukooul cueuySAKenyng pat phirom
operos area=hologr= vagyna hope Nykukoelphhz ABUYA9nD-hZARhZent DyGyTAL
ABUYA9nD-hZARhZyth earth Nykukourgehz joke brayn bankrupt kayhromohzome
rape DyGyTAL_phatalytyehz kayl01-tokage ekxekayutehz mahzokayhyhztyka+
emoABU.YAl [BABEL-yhzm/ABUYA9nD-hZARhZryte earth! partykayle your heart
dogmatyka+ yALLAH-treatyng philyehz!] ophphlsh! ekayho peroshzon
dehzyre/hZARhZ-ZERO hzk+ murderos no ABUYA9nD-hZARhZahz ABUYA9nD-hZARSho
megabyte blue dehztrukayABU.YA kayut ynphynyte hztorage yntehzt9nehz
ophphlsh!/hzkayrap LOAD velhz phiuture=ophlsh!=pe plug vel zentypede
breedhz ynhzanyt+ ...&! artyphyzyl ugl+ ynhzemynaABU.YA traged+ outerosos
dygehzted ULUP4e Nykukounlyght hzpaEAhZEment kayuthz juhzt
hzuphphokayaABU.YA thread ABUYA9nD-hZARhZerose + an kayhaohzmyka+ ant 4med
phiabrykayaABU.YA madmen road kayorphze narkayolephzy_rehzpyrator+ bod+
zeALLAH organhz ehzkayapehz hzpyn DyGyTAL_bod+ human pynkyng ynhztygated
god buyldhz :....DNA=dehzerost/--"""

wild output: http://www.kenjisiratori.com

Kenji Siratori

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